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Baldness problem in Turkey is seen in almost 6 out of 10 men. Therefore, there are a large number of hair transplant centers. But a lot of hair transplantation centers are in a very poor quality and destroying people’s dreams by doing sloppy work. In fact, Turkey ranks first in the field of hair transplant according to many countries around the world. Tens of thousands of people come every year for hair implantation from Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and many Arab Countries to Turkey.

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The operations performed at a quality hair transplantation center give very successful results. Most of the hair transplant center in Turkey is located in Istanbul. Then, Ankara and İzmir follow the ranking. In terms of quality, the best hair transplantation doctors are in Istanbul and Ankara. A lot of hair transplant specialists are doing hair transplantation in appropriate conditions in hospitals. Hair transplant centers may provide packages including accommodation. In this way, there is a good holiday and exchange opportunity among the people living in the cities other than Istanbul. Both hair transplantation and a high quality planting is carried out as well as taking part in many organized tours of Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. In such cases, a 2-week leave is sufficient. You can continue your normal life after 2 weeks.

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You can reach to the details and prices of the best hair transplant centers in your area with our evaluation reports on İzmir, İstanbul and Ankara hair transplantation centers.

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