In recent times, with the development of Istanbul in all areas, there have been great developments in the field of hair transplant. This is the best answer to the question why the Arabs are coming to Turkey and Istanbul to have hair transplant.

Arabs come to Turkey to have hair transplant

For hair transplant, more than $ 1 billion is spent to eliminate hair problems in the United States in just one year. However, the treatment and methods of hair transplant in this area is very suitable for attracting foreign tourists to our country. Many patients who come to hair transplant centers come from Europe as well as from eastern countries. Arab patients are first in this respect to come to our country to make hair transplant. A famous newspaper published in the United Arab Emirates wrote that especially Arab men came to Turkey for hair transplant. In addition, both from Europe and the United Arab Emirates, a large part of men come to transplant hair, as well as moustache and beard. The most important reason for the Arabs to prefer Turkey is the best quality operations and the best prices for hair transplant. Hair transplant in Turkey follows more technology than many countries and develops itself in every field. In addition to the successful operations performed by Turkish surgeons, there is a tendency to hand in the methods of hair transplant. After all the successes, it is one of the countries that should be preferred for hair transplant.


Worldwide hair transplant in Turkey

Thanks to hair transplant, Turkey has become a favorite of health tourism. Package tours are organized for Arab and European tourists in our country. With the development of technology, medical centers are able to provide loans by agreement with banks. Turkey is the leading country worldwide in hair transplant. In general, our country is preferred to other countries, especially in America, as well as with tours and tours organized for tourists. When hair transplant surgery done in Turkey generally speaking, it ranges from about $ 2,000 $ -3,500. However, this figure rises to more than 5 times in Europe. Hair transplant operations in the United States is about 15 or 20 thousand dollars. In our country, there are too many hair transplant operations, so there are too many specialist doctors.

They make vacation while having hair transplant

Medical centers offer different tourist package tours while applying hair transplant operations to the Arabs who come to our country and Istanbul. For this reason, package tours are organized by medical centers to the tourists coming to our country. Offices in Arab countries send patients to Turkey as groups of 15-20. All incoming patients are sent to five star hotels with private VIP vehicles. Hair transplant operations are performed in the best time. They have to come to the controls for 3 days after hair transplant. For this reason, trips are organized to keep their days well during the control period. In this way, they will do the guided tours and have a very nice holiday.

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