Hair transplant is one of the most frequently used methods for hair removal due to different reasons. There are different varieties of hair transplant method. Hairs that are intensely spilled in men and women negatively affect the psychology of people. 

In the beginning of hair loss, people can prevent hair loss with medical treatment methods. However, when hair is heavily poured and dilated, the only solution is hair transplant. Fut and Fue techniques are the most preferred methods for hair transplant. The differences between Fut and fue cause people to choose fue technique more.

What is Fue Technique?

The Fue technique is a technique that has been applied after the fut technique. The fue technique which was started to be applied in 2003, is extracted in single groups with high quality hair roots in the nape section. With this method, a large number of grafts as soon as possible from the scalp, hair can be planted in areas without hair. The hair that will be planted in the hairless areas should be removed from the removed area without being damaged and should be planted in hairless areas without being damaged.

The first procedure to be performed on behalf of the application is the successful removal of the hair from the posterior nape section. In the next process, the structure of the hair is damaged without damage and the hairless areas are planted properly. Before the application, the structure of the hair, the frequency of the hair and the characteristics of the hair should be analyzed.

Hair transplant, hairline is important to create. Hair lines that are not created correctly cause an artificial image. The Fue technique is painless and painless. Bandages and dressings are not necessary as there is no cut. Fue (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is preferred by many people for hair transplant because it is getting more and more developed every day. The method is a reliable and effective method.


What is Fut Technique?

Hair transplant is a method applied by many people recently. Hair is the most important factor that completes the visual appearance of people who have a psychological problem with people who have hair and feel bad. Hair transplant method is the most common method especially for men aged 30-40 years.

Hair is planted with different hair transplant techniques. One of these techniques is the follicular unit transfer. With this technique, it is possible to perform hair transplant as soon as possible. Hair is applied in the name of this application with strong hair roots and hair in the nape section is used. Hair in the nape section is removed as a strip.

The interests are divided into pieces to include a different number of hair follicles of the scalp. The scalp hairs are placed in hairless areas with special techniques. The hair direction and hairline must be taken into consideration before the transplant process. Stitches should be placed in order to prevent germs and to prevent any infections. Local anesthesia is sufficient to prevent people suffering during the operation. The follicular unit transfer is a suitable technique for people who do not have a very short hair cut and who want to have a hair transplant in a short time.


Differences Between Fut Technique and Fue Technique

Although the methods preferred by people on the hair transplant are structurally similar, they may be different in practice. Examples of differences between Fut and fue; technical differences during application can be given.


  • Fut technique; The skin is removed from the nape of the ribs by removing the incision.
  • This strip is cut into pieces without being distinguished from quality or poor quality hair follicles and planted in balding areas.
  • In the Fue technique; hair roots are selected by selecting the nape section and there is no need to remove any incisions.
  • Fut technique; surgical operation is needed to remove the hair from the nape of the hair as a whole.
  • In the Fue technique; the required hair follicles are taken with 0.6 mm instruments without being exposed to surgery.
  • Fut technique; 20 cm in the area of ​​the nape of the hair.
  • In the Fue technique; no scarring due to surgery.
  • Fut technique; There may be heavy bleeding.
  • In the Fue technique; With a relatively small amount of bleeding, the procedure is finished.
  • It can be planted with 60 cm diameter by using Fut technique.
  • In the Fue technique; 140-160 root diameter can be planted.
  • Fut technique; the hair taken from the nape section is removed because of the hair, approximately 80% of the hair is sown
  • In the Fue technique; in the purchase of hair due to the quality of hair roots are taken 100% hair transplant takes place.
  • Fut technique; On average, 100 hair follicles have 80 hairs.
  • In the Fue technique; The hair can grow up to 95 percent from 100 root hair.
  • Fut technique; received roots wait approximately 3-4 hours before hair transplant.
  • In the Fue technique; The roots of the hair are removed from the nape, not sown without losing its natural structure.
  • Fut technique; people should rest about two weeks after hair transplant.
  • In the Fue technique; people can continue to work actively immediately after the operation.
  • Fut technique; Because of cuts in the nape section and local anesthesia, there is a feeling of numbness for 6 months at the place where the cut is thrown.
  • No anesthesia is applied in the Fue technique and no sensation of drowsiness occurs.
  • Fut technique; hairs clearly form pits.
  • In the Fue technique; Protects the natural structure of hair bottoms.
  • Fut technique; Even if the number of planted hair is different, the price will be the same.
  • In the Fue technique; pricing is done according to hair root.
  • Fut technique; second session after the first session can be done after months
  • In the Fue technique; The second session can be done without finding 1 week.
  • Fut technique; Dressing after surgery
  • In Fue technique, there is no reason to dressing as there is no surgical intervention.
  • Fut technique; people need to use painkillers for a certain period of time because they are cut.
  • In the Fue technique; There is no need to use painkillers as no surgery is performed and no painful operation is performed.
  • Fut technique; bloating occurs in the eyes after the operation.
  • In the Fue technique; no bloating occurs in the face or eye area.
  • Fut technique; hair removal after the operation of the new hair problem is experienced.
  • In the Fue technique; The problem of hair loss is minimal or minimal.
  • Fut technique; Since the operation is passed, drugs are given drugs.
  • In the Fue technique; There is no surgical intervention, so it is enough to give a small amount of drug during sowing.
  • Fut technique; Sports activities that will force the head of the person are banned for 2 weeks. ,
  • In the Fue technique; the person can do sports after the operation.
  • Fut technique; approximately 6 hours 2000 root can be planted
  • In the Fue technique; 300 roots can be planted within 1 hour.
  • Fut technique; There is no need to cut the hair before the operation.
  • In the Fue technique; hair follicles should be cut one by one.

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