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Hair transplant is one of the most effective methods of preventing hair loss. But until this stage, many chemical methods are tried to prevent hair loss is provided. Although some of these methods may seem to work, the best results for permanent solutions are taken by hair transplant. In women, hair transplant is better than many people prefer fue method. The persistence of these results depends on patience after sowing and making the necessary applications.

The first one to be done before deciding on hair transplant is to have a good hair analysis. If you want to consult for this, the dermatologist will be. In order to determine whether your hair loss is temporary or permanent, you should do a lot of tests, including a blood test. According to the results of these tests, it will be understood whether the hair loss is caused by a hormonal reason.


Results of Hair Transplant in Women

It is very important to examine the photographs before the planting before the planting. A patient close to your own problem, you can see the results before and after the operation by looking at the photos before you can understand. Here is the photos of women before the hair transplant.








Is Hair Transplant for Women Different than Hair Transplant?

No, there is no difference between women and male hair transplant.

Can women prefer it?

Yes, women have hair transplant. In women, as in men, hair transplant can give good results. A large proportion of women who are considering taking hair transplant are considering taking them for a different reason than men. For example, the number of women who have had hair transplant due to losses caused by various accidents such as burning outside of genetic spillage is quite high.

Is hair transplant harmful in women?

There is no difference between women and men hair transplant. So, as with men, hair transplant has no harm. Because the hair roots taken from one’s own tissue are transferred to another area. So the donor is also the person who has hair transplant. The process of getting results from hair transplant is a bit long.

Physicians who inform patients about this issue support many people to live without stress. Hair transplant in women, does not cause a very short hair loss status. Because the already existing hair, donor does not cause a bad appearance as the area of ​​hair taken off. When it is done by professional and experienced physicians, it is considered every detail.

Although the loss of hair makes many patients uneasy, this is an expected condition and is related to the re-prolongation of hair, an indication that the cultivation is successful and the new hair.

When is it possible to understand the success of hair transplant in women?

As the duration of the result is long, you can see if your treatment is successful after a period of at least 8 months. The success rate for hair transplant is 98 percent, which is a good result.


Hair Prevention Considerations in Women

If you have decided to have a hair transplant, you will need to stay away from blood thinners and alcohol as indicated by your doctor before application. The application of hair transplant is a real-time needle digging and is very time consuming.

With the practices performed under the supervision of the physician and his / her team who are experts in hair transplant, it is determined from which area your hair transplant will be started and directed. The designated area is prepared for the application and the area to be transplanted is transferred to the removal of hair follicles by means of special needles. Hair follicles are taken one by one and placed in the area to be transplanted. After sowing in this area, it will be necessary to wait an average of 6 months for the result.

The hair roots taken individually is the fue method and the best results are obtained by this method. The other method is the method called fut. They are not taken individually but placed in bulk. However, this method is not preferred. Because the hair roots from the donor area will not allow the removal of new hair. Therefore, fue method is the most preferred method of individual hair transplant.

After the hair transplant in the average of 2 weeks is expected to shed hair. From the date of the spill, the average starts again after the 3rd month. In this process, the doctor asks you to apply these products with many special products. After the removal of hair, new hairs are formed in the hairless area.

Many people cut their hair and make them look the same size and lush. The sooner the hair is planted, the better the result will be, and the lush hair will give the best result when sowing before the shedding rate increases.

Considerations for Hair Transplant in Women

After hair transplant, patients should be examined once a year by visiting their physicians. If necessary, early treatment is taken to apply the hair transplant to the spilled areas or new spilled areas.

After hair transplant, the hair care doctor recommends that you start with the use of a lotion. Depending on the condition of the doctor and the hair, these products are used for 5-6 months and then normal shampoos can be used. However, it is important to choose healthy shampoos with low chemical content. Otherwise the hair does not grow healthy.

Through routine massage to the hair follicles, many people avoid new spills. In addition, herbal lotions and shampoos are also useful in this process. Your doctor will advise you on which product to use and which products to avoid and will recommend the product. For this reason, it is important that you spend the process benefiting from expert support.


Hair Transplant Prices in Women

Since the procedures are collected individually, it starts from 3 $ and there may be price differences according to the center or physician. It is difficult to determine a definite price for the different types of baldness in women (burning, etc.) for different reasons (region size). But average hair transplant prices on the market is around 1-3 $ per hair root. Since the planned region varies, and we do not know how much you need a hair root planting, it is very difficult to give a fixed price.

Amateur and inexperienced teams make hair transplant at lower prices. However, before you decide to practice, it is better to see the doctor’s previous work and, if possible, to talk directly to the people, not to the photographs.

Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant in our country is quite successful compared to other countries. Every year millions scope of health tourism in Turkey prefer to make a human hair. Also at the cheapest price in the world of hair transplant it is Turkey.

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