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Hairlessness for men around the world is one of the most important cosmetic problems. The fact that there is no definitive treatment as a medicine, having some difficulties with wig life makes hair transplant compulsory. As this is not a vital problem, it is not paid by the health insurance systems in any country.

hair transplant turkey

Many people prepare budget and go for hair transplant. In Turkey, Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir is leading on the hair transplant. They serve Turkish and foreign patients especially from abroad. The number of hair follicles sown is high due to the widespread use of the FUE technique. The number of hair follicles planted in a session in Europe and the United States with FUT is around 1500 and 2000 while this number in Turkey can reach more than 3000. Turkey is closely followed by centers in Europe and the Americas. Turkey is notable for the abundance and the prevalence of FUE grafts seeded number. But this imposes greater responsibility on hair transplant centers in Turkey. Centers should not sow without doctors and should not sow under unhealthy conditions and always try to get the best results. Doctors should use the most technically advanced methods and follow the progress in the world. Doctors should participate in congresses organized by doctors such as ISHRS. We need to show Turkey’s sensitivity on this issue across the world.


When we talk about prices, we see that there are very big differences. In addition to some of the tip samples in Turkey, doctors are in good Centers for one-quarter and one-fifth prices in Europe and the United States. Doctors are reliable faces of hair transplant centers all over the world. They are referred to with their cultivation methods. It is possible to guess who the doctors are by looking at the cultivation styles.

The increasing demand in health tourism is particularly evident in hair transplant. We can see many people planted hair in certain areas in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara, Antalya, Manisa, Denizli is one of the other important provinces where hair cultivation is performed.

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The purpose of hair transplant is to have a charismatic, natural and beautiful hair. But it takes time. In the first four months after the hair transplant, the positive direction begins. What to do during this time is to continue to exchange information with your doctor and maintain controls. Patience is your most important assistant in this period. After 120 days, the period of waiting is over and the period of regrowth of our new hair is started. That would make us happy. The first produced hair is a little weak and curly, but gradually thickens. This means you have a natural look.

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Yeah, let’s just keep looking at the hair transplant from this angle. To complete the development of our new hair lasts 1 year. In this period, when our new hair emerges, pimples may occur. That’s not a problem. It is easily treated.

Well, our hair came out, we had a natural look, and we’re glad. Is that all? Of course not. The main changes start from now on. Our confidence is restored. Our private life and our business life gain more value. The expression of our faces is filled with happiness. Our clothes change. Our age is shrinking. We understand better the importance of sports, socializing. In short, we open the door to a new life.

The high moral and self-confidence that occurs after hair transplant is much more important than the improvement in appearance. Therefore, it is very positive for people to have hair implantation if medical conditions are appropriate at all ages.

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