Today, hair transplantation operations, which are mostly preferred by men, are the light of hope for many people. However, one of the questions that most people wonder about is ab Does hair transplant hurt? In. First of all, hair transplant is not a painful operation. Hair transplant is not a painful process. Because…

Anesthesia in Hair Transplant

Local anesthesia is used successfully in many surgeries for painless and painless hair transplant. In this way, the patient does not feel any pain during sowing. Another advantage of local anesthesia is that it does not induce you during the operation. That is to say, when your doctor sows hair follicles, you can spend time watching television.


Post-Operation Process

Hair transplant is not a heart-intensive operation like a heart or brain. So let yourself be comfortable. There may be some minor pain after the operation. However, we can say that these pains are so low. This level of pain, which is not to be exaggerated level, can be easily overcome with mild painkillers that your doctor will recommend. Most of the people who had hair transplant stated that they did not feel pain after the operation. A small amount of pain, but with painkillers, these pains have been lost.

Hair Transplant Doesn’t cause pain – You do not Feel Pain in the FUE Method

The hair transplantation method commonly used in our country and in the world is FUE. In FUE, a painless and painless hair transplantation technique, the person survives the operation with minimal damage. Since there is no incision as in FUT, it is also known as the trackless method. However, since there is no incision again, the patient does not feel pain or pain.

Do we need Local Anesthesia?

The duration of a hair transplantation operation varies depending on the number of grafts to be collected. In an operation which lasts between 4 and 8 hours, local anesthesia is applied to prevent pain and pain. The patient may feel a slight burning in this procedure with thin-tipped needles. However, since this procedure is completed within a few minutes, there is no significant pain or pain. However, with the advancement of technology, needles have also been developed. This type of pain and pain is reduced to a minimum with special dental needles to be used. Local anesthesia is an important factor that increases the comfort of the operation and enables the patient to have a painless and painless operation. Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient is conscious during the operation. Meanwhile, the patient can spend time watching television or reading a newspaper. Those who have fear of needles can undergo local anesthesia after sedation.

Sedation in Hair Transplantation

In this method applied to people who have fear of needles, the person is given medication through the nose. After 10 – 15 minutes of short sleep, the patient is then given local anesthesia. Since the patient is in a mild sleep mode, he / she does not feel this process and does not remember it. As a result, hair transplantation is not a painful operatio. As mentioned above, during the operation the patient can spend time watching television.

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