Hair transplant is an application of hair which has the possibility of return without any medical intervention. There are many applications developed about hair. As most of them require surgical interventions, some do not. However, not all the hair problem solutions could be applied to all people. Therefore it is always advantageous to develop new techniques and options. Hair transplant could be applied to people of all ages and genders.

The reason why hair is shed does not matter for hair transplant. All or a part of the hair may be shed, hair may be sparse. It could even be applied to people who have undergone temporary hair loss due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

How to Do Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant consists of 3 basic applications and this hair transplant application thoroughly will be done in 8 weeks. The first step, the dimensioning is very important. Progressing correctly and healthy at this step will affect all other steps. In the dimensioning stage, first of all, the areas having hair loss in the head are detected. Then, the hairline is determined by considering the facial features. After the hair moulding, the direction of hair growth is marked and a part of the living hair sample of the person who will have hair transplant is fixed. This sample taken for the production of hair transplant is sent to abroad for production with a form which the hair properties are recorded in.

The second step, the hair fitting, the hair transplant is placed in the area that is moulded in the previous step. The experience of the person applying the hair transplant is very important during the fitting step. One of the determinants of this stage is to determine the properties of the hair correctly. In the last stage, the designing of the hair, should be done according to the person’s preference and the facial features.


Why Hair Transplant?

There are many reasons why hair transplant is preferred over other applications of hair loss. The first of them is hair transplant could be applied to people of all ages. This very determinant and distinctive feature is not found in most other hair applications. Hair transplant could be applied to every individual male and female.

Another reason why hair transplant is preferred is that one who has it does not have to change any activities in their social life. That is, after the application, the person who has hair transplant can have all the followings: she or he can take a shower, do swimming, enter the solarium and do sports. None of these activities are prevented by hair transplant.

It is a must to do hair transplant on head by an air and water permeable solution approved by the international health organizations. This assurance also makes hair transplant preferable and more reliable. After the hair transplant, the person could apply any kind of cosmetic or physical treatment they used to do. Another advantage is that the person could do the routine treatment and care for the hair transplant. Therefore, once the hair transplant is done, the person could use this hair for many years with their own care.

Hair Transplant Care

Hair transplant care should be done carefully and with high quality as well as the production of the hair transplant. This hair transplant extends the life of the hair and increases its comfort. Our many years experience show that people looking for solutions to their hair problems and using hair transplant or wanting to use it have the similar questions. At this point, it is important to give objective and true answers to those questions and prevent possible victimizations.

Unfortunately, as in every sector, some companies working only for profit in the hair transplant sector give profit-oriented answers to many of these questions and cause the victimization of the customers. After the production of hair transplant, the real process starts with the hair transplant care. Service of good quality in hair transplant care increases the use of the product. In addition, with the hair transplant care, the visual contribution of the product is protected from deterioration.

Points to Take Into Consideration on Hair Transplant Care and Usage

Hair transplant could be applied to everyone without age and sex restrictions. The person to be treated should not have any skin problems. The person applied hair transplant can continue their social life and daily activities without any restrictions. For example, she or he can take a shower, swim in the pool or sea, do all kinds of sports easily, comb their hair as they want, use hair dryer and do health activities such as sauna and solarium.

The prerequisite for performing all these activities without any problems is that the hair transplant should be in compliance with the quality standards and applied correctly. In terms of skin cleaning and comfortable breathing, the hair transplant must have the highest air and water permeability. Customized applications should be preferred instead of ready-made fabrication products.

Hair transplant is adhered to the head with medical tapes and water-based solution approved by international health organizations. The quality of tapes and solution during hair transplant application is extremely important for the person’s health.


Unapproved solutions and tapes might cause serious health problems.

All kinds of cosmetic products used by the person can be used to the hair transplant. The most important point to be considered here is the quality and the content of the cosmetic products used. Products with low quality might damage hair transplant as well as living hair.

In addition, as it is known, hair transplant does not grow like living hair. So it is worn, broken and gets a bad aesthetic appearance with the affect of poor quality cosmetic products. Even sometimes there could be skin itching, irritation and redness.

In order to avoid from such negative conditions, especially shampoo, conditioner, spray etc. applied to hair transplant, PH values and quality standards of the products are very important. Preferring anti-dandruff and antibacterial products produced especially for hair transplant serves a comfortable usage.

Hair transplant requires a routine care at certain periods. The main reason for this is that medical tapes and medical solutions used in hair transplant applications are air and water permeable. These products are water based and lose their strength over time as a natural result of being air and water permeable. As for the duration of the care periods, the main factor is the personal care habits, but also the natural conditions of the region where the person lives. For example; it could change according to air temperature, rate of humidity and moisture gradient between 2 and 6 weeks.

Hair transplant users can do their care themselves after they are trained to do it at the hair transplant centers where they have the application. Although the life of the hair transplant varies according to the usage and care habits of the person, there are basic criteria and quality standards that determine this period. For example; although the substructure and the density of the hair have the same characteristics, their lifespan may be different when compared to each other. While the lifespan of a fabricated hair transplant produced by thick knot application might be 3 or 4 years, the lifespan of a hair transplant produced with light and extremely thin knots might be 2 or 2,5 years.

Though hair transplant prices vary between companies, they are applied nearly for 600 to 1500 American dollars in hair transplant produced by taking the custom mould according to the quality standards.

These prices range from 300 to 450 American dollars for the fabricated and stock products. Hair care prices vary between 70 and 120 Turkish Liras, although they also vary in the quality standards among companies.

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