Trump’s Personal Doctor And A Hair Transplant Surgeon Share Intriguing Facts About His ‘Real’ Hair


Donald Trump’s hair is even more famous than he is. For years Americans have been preoccupied with a quest to prove it’s all really a toupee, but now his long-time doctor and a plastic surgeon are coming forward with the facts. 

My hair is real!

Despite his efforts to seem aloof, Trump cares a lot about what people think of his hair. In multiple press events, he has made several references to the realness of his hair.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire in 2015, he asked a woman to come up the stage just to touch his hair. And he kept sweeping it off his face to show a hairline which appeared to be intact.

A hair transplant surgeon’s opinion

But in 2017, his longtime personal doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, revealed in multiple interviews, as reported by the New York Times, that Trump had been taking prostate-related hair growth stimulation drugs.

He added that the President also takes two other unnamed medications to treat a skin related infection and fix his blood cholesterol levels.


Trump, who is a very vocal critic of baldness, has also reportedly had hair transplant surgery done, according to expert William D. Yates, who himself has carried out countless procedures.

Yates told Business Insider that all he needs to confirm this is examine the President’s hair roots, but without that chance, he can only give a very confident guess.


The internet has a different opinion

The surgeon says Trump may have gotten a very complicated transplant procedure that includes a flap, but people still believe he simply had someone install a firm-lace front wigtailor-made for him.

And now, the challenge is on for who’ll be brave enough to snatch the President’s wig for the world to see what’s underneath all that spray.

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