Hair simulation is the simplest definition of permanent makeup applied to the scalp. Of course, the process is not as simple as permanent makeup. It can also be defined as the process of leaving a dye that can be removed from the body after a certain period of time between two skins on the head with special needles.

With hair simulation, small paint effects are applied to the parts of your head that do not have hair, and it is shown as if there is hair. In a sense, an illusion is made with paint. As you can see, this work is also an art branch like tattoo, permanent makeup. For this reason, as well as the health and quality of the equipment used; It is also important that the practitioner is skilled.


What Materials and Equipments Are Used When Performing Hair Simulation?

While applying the hair simulation process, especially the paint used; There are some differences from the paint used in tattooing. Tattoo ink has a structure that does not leave the body and is not erased for a lifetime. However, the dye used in hair simulation should be removed from the body after a while. The paint, which is excreted naturally from the body, does not allow any damage to the skin and does not contain carcinogenic substances. For this reason, it is important and necessary to remove the dye used in hair simulation from the body after a while.

Hair simulation equipment, on the other hand, should have gold pins to minimize the risk of allergies. Needles made of other metals do not give the opportunity to apply the paint as desired, as well as the risk of allergies. Just as if you give the world’s best guitar artist a bad guitar, he won’t be able to make good melodies, but if you give the world’s best hair simulation expert a bad rig, he won’t do a good job.

What is the Difference Between Hair Simulation and Tattooing?

Tattoo; It is a procedure made with permanent dyes that does not have any concerns about harmony with other parts of the body. Hair simulation, on the other hand, is an aesthetic procedure that is completely harmless to human health and must be compatible with the existing hair on the head, which is removed from the body after a while. For this reason, it is wrong to compare tattoo with hair simulation, or even to call hair simulation “hair tattoo”.

Who Can Have Hair Simulation?

Regardless of men or women, everyone is eligible for hair simulation. However, since hair simulation is an aesthetic intervention, the person should know this process clearly and be prepared psychologically.

Hair simulation is especially suited for people with sparse hair, who cannot get the desired results and have no hair on their heads. In the hair simulation procedure performed especially on people with thin hair, the person; He forgets that even when he looks in the mirror, his hair looks like it was thanks to the simulation and he feels like he has real hair.

For people who do not have any hair, a study is made as if it was “like newly cut hair”. Especially if there is no hair on the upper part of the head but hair grows on the sides; excellent visual results can be achieved.

Does Hair Simulation Have a Lifetime?

Of course, this aesthetic intervention also has a lifetime, and like all other aesthetic interventions, renewal and retouching should be done at certain times.
“But how long will hair simulation last?” It is not possible to answer the question. It can be used for 4-6 years in some bodies without any extra processing or even retouching, and some people need to have regular retouching every year.

Many factors such as chlorine, sunlight, cosmetic materials used affect the life of this process.

What Should I Pay Attention To After Having Hair Simulation?

After having a hair simulation, there is nothing you should pay attention to. Immediately after getting up from the simulated seat, you can continue your daily life where you left off. There is no product you need to use such as a cream, a special shampoo or a care cure.

Hair Simulation, Hair Transplant or Prosthetic Hair?

This question is one that you have to answer all by yourself. All three hairstyles have their own advantages and disadvantages. It should be determined what the expectation of the person who wants a haircut is to be determined and directed to a solution according to their expectations.

Hair Simulation Prices

When determining hair simulation prices, it is very important that the area to be applied is seen by the expert. While the simulation of the same size can be done in one session and with a specialist for some people, it may be necessary for several different experts to work in more than one session for some people. For this reason, it is not possible to give a price by just seeing the picture of the region to be simulated or to offer a fixed price.

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