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Our hair transplant center in İstanbul Turkey will perform the operation with the help of a plastic surgery specialist, assistant / assistants. Hair transplant is actually an operation, so be careful about who will perform your surgery

We frequently hear these questions from patients who apply for hair transplant “am I going to have natural-looking hair?“ ” I’m afraid of the appearance that is called the grass-man”. We all know that these questions are quite right. So what could be the reasons that led to this fear and prejudice in our patients. Especially in countries with insufficient control, there are many clinics who see hair transplant in the form of root insertion into holes drilled in the skin bir and these clinics cause patients to make anti-propaganda of hair transplant and poor results. Do not give credit to people who does quite cheap hair transplant, Performs more than one hair transplant in one day, claims to implant impossible numbers of grafts. When you choose us for hair transplant, you will be saved from all the negativities we have mentioned.

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What do we do to get the closest result to Natural hair with Hair Transplant?

  1. Factors related to the technique of receiving roots:

Taking hair follicles with very thick tipped punches leads to the formation of thick-sized follicle units. So, the presence of skin parts 3-4 times thicker in diameter around the follicle units containing 2 or 3 hairs necessitates the opening of wide channels during implantation. Otherwise, a thick diameter follicle unit may be traumatized when placed in a small channel. When a thick diameter duct is healed with contraction healing, it causes the underside of the hairs to get an annoying image (in the form of a trough). Small sized follicle means a small-scale canal; means rapid recovery. It has been argued that the feeding and survival of nesting units, which have thick and thick skin around this day, is better. Until today; Although it has been argued that the feeding and viability of nesting units with thicker skin is better, the necessary things to keep and grow the hair follicles -as will be explaining in more detail in the chapters to come- the most important thing is implantation of the stems without waiting for a long time and the preservation of the bulge region where the roots are in. One of the topics discussed recently is the intake of the roots by hand or micromotor. When we take the roots, we make a circular cut of 0.6-0.8 mm around the point where the follicle unit comes out of the skin, but we stop this cut in the superficial layers of the skin without getting too deep into the depths. If we do this small circular cut with the power of our hands, that is, manually, we use the opposite half circular movements to the left and right, and if we do this with the help of the micromotor, we use the force of the motor to make a continuous circular motion of the same diameter punches placed on the tip of the punch. In both cases, what is important is that the diameter of the punch used is thin and that the roots are important for the survival of the layers under the skin. One important point to be aware of the micromotor is that the speed of rotation is not high. Considering these points, I do not think that there is a difference between the roots and the manual or micromotor assisted acquisition. However, since most of the clinics that use micromotor in our country carry out high-speed purchases with thick-diameter punches, there are white spot marks in the donor site where the roots are taken. However, it should not be forgotten that this is not a mistake of micromotor, it is a situation of the buying technique of large-scale punches returning at high speed.

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  1. Factors of sowing technique:

In sowing technique, the orientation of hair and the outlet angle from the skin should be tailor-made. In particular, those who have fine hair in the region to be transplanted, with the guidance of these hairs, the angle and direction of the transplant can be easier and the closest to the origin. The roots should be the same or slightly thinner with the diameter of the root, and the root canal should be opened and placed at the same time in the root canal. The canals, which are opened with horizontal sharp slits from the end of the scalp or razor, cannot ensure that the hair follicles are placed in the skin at the desired angle. This leads to the formation of the image described as lar grass man among the population, which causes the hair to be uniformly and at the same angle and direction in each region (the roots usually appear at right angles to the skin). In slit techniques made by inexperienced teams outside Turkey and Istanbul, hair roots grow in different diameters and directions. With the needle seeding technique, small channels are opened to close immediately after the root is placed without any contact to the roots. Since the channel is opened without making any cuts and is very narrow, it locks the root of the hair placed in it and protects it at any angle and direction. In addition, since the opening of the canal with a very thin tip reduces the amount of trauma in the skin, the recovery process is completed quickly. If we want to transport a high number of roots into 1 cm2, we should already open very small channels. Otherwise, the channels that are large and very close to each other can disturb the feeding of the skin in that area.

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  1. Factors of hair line design:

When designing the hairline, we have to take into consideration our aesthetic point of view, our artist personality, facial anatomical features and age factor. I should immediately say, I can understand from the hairline whether a person I see as a plastic surgeon has a hair transplant.

There is an important point where many hair transplant clinics do not emphasize: our hair has a feature that shows a regression and opening as a whole in the spill phase in a different way between the two favorite regions.

In the Norwood 3 class hair loss, if we do not form a triangular protrusion in the temple, we will create a disproportionate and unbalanced hairline. If we are going to do hair transplant to an aged person with hair loss, we should plan the hair line quite conservatively and start from the upper regions and leave the hair indentations as empty as possible so that we can achieve the closest results to natural hair.

There are 3 points that determine the attractiveness of a face; SYMMETRY – BALANCE – RATIO. The ideal face according to the gold rate of Fibonacci; it should be divided into 3 equal parts horizontally.

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Consideration points for the correct hairline design in men;

* The end point of the front hair line-apex should be just above the line that is vertical from the outer edge of our eye.

* Apex should not be rounded. This is a mistake made on the hairline of people we see almost every day on the street and even when we come to see the hair transplant.

* The hairline should be a wide U-shaped base when viewed from the front

* the hairline should be seen as a horizontal line when viewed from the side.

* If we want to get a good fit with the temple zone when looking from the side of the apex in the temple zone should be formed with a triangular indentation.

I, especially those with wide openings, prefer to design the hairline more conservatively, rather than very downwardly, but I also ensure that hairs are transported more intensely and frequently. Because pulling the hairline down to 1 cm will enlarge the area to be sown to 8 cm2 and it will need 400-500 additional grafts.

For the foreigners who will make hair transplant in Turkey, the quality should be more prominent than the price of hair transplant. Since Dollar, Euro and other foreign currencies are valuable in Turkey, hair transplant prices are more suitable for our patients abroad. The cost of hair transplant in our hair transplant center in Istanbul is 1 graft: € 1. In order to learn more about hair transplant in Turkey, use the communication channels below.


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