Dr. Emrah Cinik is considered as one of the most famous and experienced plastic specialists in Turkey. He established the framework for his vocation by considering prescription at the Uludag University. In 2002, following his fruitful graduation, he demonstrated his recently procured aptitude in Bursa in the field of tasteful prescription and beauty care products. As of now in 2007, Dr. Emrah Cinik opened the Medical Esthetic Center in Istanbul and from that point on managed an uncommon field of plastic beautifiers: male pattern baldness and hair transplantation. His patients value his experience and commitment: He has just completed more than 1,000 hair transplants all things considered.

Dr. Emrah Cinik – Pursuing Medical Progress

For over 15 years the skillful specialist has been committed to the requesting field of tasteful medication. One thing is especially critical to him: the specialized lead. He is forever discontent just with the present circumstance. He takes a stab at innovative advancement. There is a valid justification why he has effectively taken an interest in various perceived instructive projects on the FUE technique and PRP treatment, particularly in Turkish and Italian centers, and has continually extended his authority learning.

He has been working seriously with one system for a long time, the FUE hair transplant. Since 2003, the prepared specialist has been utilizing the high-accuracy Follicular Unit Extraction and has been working reliably on his advancement of aptitudes.

Dr. Cinik, a leading national and international address

His broad medicinal preparing, his numerous long stretches of involvement and his constant propelled preparing make Dr. Cinik a main location for hair transplants in Turkey. Be that as it may, he doesn’t just appreciate a superb notoriety broadly. Indeed, even globally, particularly with european patients, expression of his phenomenal treatment has since a long time ago spread. As a guaranteed individual from the International Society for Esthetics and Cosmetics, he has additionally become famous past national fringes.

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