Shampooing with a can of beer to clean the dandruff, reduce the hair loss ans grow hair 10cm length after 2 weeks

Beer is the drink that available in the refrigerator of many families, especially in the hot summer like this. Do not waste time or effort, you just take a cans out and use the instructions below , no tangled hair, or broken hair without going to the hair salon..


The effect of beer is shiny hair, clean dandruff, stimulate long growing effect is effective because it contains many natural fermentation ingredients, protein, B vitamins and many other nutrients to nourish the hair in a healthier way..

In particular, the maltose and sucrose of the beer help to tighten the color and create shine for each fiber, improving the damage associated with damage including scalp or split hair, removed Itchy irritation..


Here is the tip for you:

Step 1: If your hair is very fragile, go through many beauty treatments such as dyeing, bending, etc., then pour beer into the pot, let them air vapor for about 30 minutes, reducing the alcohol and gas concentration. Release of carbon dioxide restricts scarring of the hair.


Step 2: Next, you shampoo in normal way, then use beer to replace the conditioner, slowly pour into the hair and massage gently with fingertips to nourish deeply into the hair and oil skin .

You work like this for about 2 minutes, if the hair is split, soak the tail in the beer for 5 minutes,you will see markedly reduced. In case you fear the smell of beer on the hair, then reverse the process, shampoo with beer first and then use shampoo.


Step 3: You add 5 – 10 minutes to maximize the use. Finally, you rinse with water, permeate dry hair with a soft towel. Do not use the dryer to avoid damage to the hair, in addition you should only apply up to 3 times a week, should not abuse .


Only after 1 or 2 application, you will feel the effect of surprise, the hair stronger and thicker with very comfortable scalp, no dandruff, no itching.

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