02.03.2019 Lale Keskin 4200 Graft

Hi everyone, I have been following the forum for about 8 months . . . I have been thinking of hair transplantation for 3 years, I found Lale Keskin on the internet, of course, if I had hesitations before I had hesitations, I came to my eye because I had started to deteriorate because my psychology had started to deteriorate. In a single session, it would be possible to close this openness, so they said it would be sparse, so we talked about 2 sessions and I knew it would be a natural image away from naturalness when it was sparse, so I wanted to get a natural and strict result, and a few companies about it a few companiesIt made sense when you say it more . .
It was effective in choosing this center, of course, some of the companies have pocket burning prices, but they do not say that they do not see a complaint in Lale Keskin, they also looked very good, of course, sometimes the photos may be deception, but I still did not have confidence problems . . Processing I decided . . They made more comfortable anesthesia than I expected, this stage was painful. Of course, it has been 3 days, let’s see how it will go . . I hope this baldness has ended in me

I am waiting for your comments about my result I will share my whole process


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