03.11.2022 Dr Muttalip Keser 1850 graft vertex and front line

Greetings, about 1. 5 years ago, Muttalip Hodja had a 1800 graft planting and I was satisfied. At that time, we talked for Vertex cultivation at least 1 year after the first October. Muttalip Hoca plant of mostly does not share in the forum. I will share the whole process in detail in order to guide friends who are similar to my situation.

On 3 – 4 – 5 November, a total of 1850 grafts were sowing. We made the planning together with the teacher. Hodja first listened to me and asked about my expectations. I asked the front line to be supported. In addition, I scan my hair from right to left, I asked him to support the places that were not relatively closed on the right in the first October. Other than that, we planned to use Tepe – Vertexe. I have conveyed to the teacher that my expectation for Tepe Vertex is not full closure, but to the teacher. Because he states that Vertexe will be less than every time he said that he could take around 1200 in the first place to avoid the expectation that this was the 3rd October (I have a 1000 graft operation in transmed many years ago). But for my demands, more grafts were needed. As those who follow the forum, a meticulous person, he said we’ll look and look. After cutting, my hair is thick, but he said that there is not much of the region. While the hair was long, we planned to go to the number of many as much as it could go out in a way that could not leave any traces in the region. We completed the cultivation with a total of 1850 grafts, the front line and a little behind 420, and the rest is the hill and vertex. I also share the photos below.


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