14.11.2022 Lifehair Ankara Şahin Çelik 4300 graft hair transplantation 32 years

Friends, good forums to everyone, my teacher is 32 years old, my teacher, I am married and I suffer from slow and stable Androgenetic alopecia type hair loss from the age of 17-18.
Since 2017, I always hid my baldness by extending my hair and closing with concealers, etc. I always hid my baldness.
As of the beginning of 2021, I found this forum and became a member of my own situation superficially and I consulted you some issues. Later, I postponed it for both my pande and my appointment process and on November 14, 2022, I had my hair transplantation as a result of the application of Şahin Çelik brain planning and team in Ankara Lifehair Hair Transplantation Center.
I intend to share his pre -and post -photographs and the next stages in the sense of helping other friends who will be able to admit the photographs.
First of all, I decided on the day of hair transplantation in September and made my appointment.
I came to the center on the morning of November 14th at 8:00 pm. Previously, we made our plan for the transplantation of my hair that I had made in preliminary interviews and hair analysis, and we took my opinion and consulted the front line line and where to sow back to a certain part of the vertex. Then the hair was scraped with the machine was washed and the planting section was started. In the first place, Sahin Bey was opened by Sahin Bey from the arm, and then the grafts were applied to the area where the grafts were collected, and normal local anesthesia was applied and grafts were taken from donor micro motor technique. It was shared that 4300 grafts were taken and the single double triple roots showed almost homogeneously distributed, and I did not ask clearly how much it was.
We had a break and need break
In the next part, the planned area to be sown by Şahin Bey was opened by using sapphire ends by the lateral slit method. Şahin Bey was the appropriate plan according to the plan. The whole process lasted up to 15:30 in the afternoon.
I was informed about the drugs I would use and the first washing development and left the center.
The first day I slept in a comfortable way, the second day there were leaks in certain places. I slept and woke up with the uneasiness of the night.
Today, my first washing was held in the center again. I wrote what came to my mind as much as possible.
I did not receive any reinforcements before planting. After October, I never intend to use medications that may have any finaster -based DHT printing but may have side effects. I respect those who use it, I know it doesn’t make the same effect on everyone
But in the same way, I don’t feel the need to explain why I don’t use it for the sake of protecting my own hair. I wouldn’t even risk it, even with the promise that I would regain all my hair.
I will share the photos under this post respectively
It was a long article, I would like to excuse my spelling mistakes on mobile.


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