25.09.2020 Fixhair 3200 Graft

Friends, I did not want them to enter the Verteks sowing because it was low, I will decide to plant verteks in the future, my hair is very thin and sparse in my beard, as well as my hair is very white and too white, like my hairIt was difficult to see the grafts during the purchase, 3000 hair and 400 beard were taken, I always had anterior hair line, ten sides were rare but not completely destroyed, the road was determined directly by marking the two -piece area was formed. 2000 grafts were planted on the first ten parts, 1000 graft hair+beard was planted in the next area. Our friend of our Indian friend is very open to those who have a lot of openness in the 2nd division, I have been advised many times so that they do not create baldness on the sides and neck and not to take more grafts on the neck, if donor is suitable for the purchase again, I can enter the cultivation of Verteks. I love the hair long and I use it

After the operation, I can say smoothly water at the moment there is no pain, the neck is a discharge, the only problem was the back and I could not sleep in order to avoid damaging the field of planting. I will take out the bandage today. When I need to use a cream for the rotating area, I was only given antibiotic, agr cut and edema shooting pills.

Since I work remotely, I aim to protect the first 15-20 days from home, sweating and sunlight. When I tend to get something, the sinks of the sowing region are compared. I think I should keep my press constantly upright.

In addition, 5 hours after planting, I got on the tip, the journey was 45 minutes. Is there a possibility that there is something from the pressure

Age: 42
Graft: 3200

I acted the bandages and the donor region, I hope they will recover because my fear is the grin of this region.


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