27 January 2020 – Dr.Serkan Aygın – 4000 Graft

Hello friends,
Since this forum helped me decide, I wanted to fulfill my task, and it would be good to show you the process and get your comments over time.

I made an appointment on January 27, Serkan saw the line in the morning proposed the line, I did not want to come forward too much he did not recommend. (But he said he wouldn’t be happy in the future if we go back)

As you can see my hair, I knew that we were going to leave the hill on the second time, but I was too much likely to correct it with medication (Propecia, etc. ). If you don’t want him, he said in the future we’ll do the second October and the front of the tightening.

Now everyone knows, but the operation is in Koç Hospital. One thing I haven’t heard from other centers, they give sedation from the vein (which I think beautiful, I didn’t feel the needles entering my head, I was usually sleepy, it passed very fast) but don’t understand it like general anesthesia. Just to deal with your pain threshold, to get a little bit. When they gave a command (would you go back here), they did the rest.

I guess it took about 6 hours. Unfortunately, I can’t remember everyone’s name one by one, but the team is very polite and familiar with the business. Cüneyt teacher has made a reproach to the forums, in the meantime, do not leave your medication Propecia or at worst Xpecia part of the treatment, then you should pay attention. (Especially those with fine hair like me)

I share my first state, the day of operation and the winding.
See you later

Before October:


After dressing and laser:


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