3500-4000 graft hair transplantation / Istanbul – Santa Plus / 20.02.23

Hello everybody. I am 23 years old and I had the problem of baldness that was extremely uncomfortable. It started by opening from the hill when I was 19, 1. 5 years ago, the front began to open.

Although I knew that those who stayed in the future would be poured, I decided to plant it, I thought in the future I would apply hair simulation or go to prosthetic hair. I don’t know, maybe the second thing, I don’t know what to show life. If necessary, I will hit zero until I find something as I want.

I went to hair transplantation on February 20, when I went, I was thinking that everywhere would be closed like crazy, but there was no such place in my rotating region. I couldn’t make sense of it, I thought that there was a huge hair everywhere, but I didn’t comment because I didn’t know the truth. Then they said how to do it or we can close the hill or the front. I said if we do half half on both sides, it would be slightly sparse to be like a place open, and then I would do simulation or topik etc. They weren’t sure, but then it made sense to them. Because it’s not a problem to be young and sparse hair, but it’s annoying to be a good. That’s why we made a process on the hills and fronts, and left a area between the hill and the front empty. I still have hair because there. You can understand what I mean better than the photos.

Halimi immediately after October (first 2 photos) and
You can see my situations on my 4th day (2 more photos).
I will put my state before October. ( LAST PHOTO )

In addition, what I want to ask:

I have a feeling of stinging a needle like crazy right now. I almost cry from pain. When it passes, when it decreases, what kind of malady is stuck in my head, but there is no such pain. It hurts more than the anesthesia needle given while planting (which was very hurt)

Do you have any advice?It will be very valuable for me, I try to apply them all as much as I can.


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