4 January Antalya Medical Park (Rotalıife) 3500 graft age 35

hello everyone,
First of all, I would like to thank and greet everyone who contributed to the page (especially Indianll) and everyone who shared.

After 2 weeks research;Rotalife hair transplantation center is contracted with Antalya Medical Park Hospital
I preferred. I’ve never heard of this place before and I haven’t come across her comments.
Medicalpark is also a hospital we have preferred for years for my 1. 5 -year -old daughter, my wife and myself.
In addition, only with DHI method is done. I already wanted DHI.

In particular, I should say that the procedure is a completely surgical tissue transplantation process. So some of the acadas
It is not an operation that can be mentioned with simple determination such as “they take it from behind and plant it forward . . . ”
The operation is so important that you look at each wire of your hair as if you were a baby, especially the first 3 days
very important. You eat, drink, medication use hours, steps you take, even morale
You need to pay attention. Because God forbid in a negative situation, the labor, the process, your psychology, is spent
It’s really bad to know that your money and your hair will not come back . . .

On the morning of January 4, I had breakfast at home and went to the hospital around 9 o’clock. Operation Aslı Hanım and Bahar Hanım
He would do it. A total of 4 people with 2 assistant friends. My first work hair was cut (especially the back part
The cutting process took a little longer because it was very busy
Afterwards, blood was taken and local anesthesia such as 9 and a half was performed and the process was started. Not a anestine needle but inside
The drug was the most painful part of the operation (1 day ago, painless anesthesia device was broken luck)

Donor was taken until noon. I didn’t know that the procedure on the face would be so bloody. The first astonishment is here
I’ve already lived. Then a break was given at 12:30. Corba, sandwich and fruit juice was given by the hospital during the break.
After the break, anesthesia was given and cultivation was started. This was more painful than the first anesthesia.
In addition, serum containing antibiotics and painkillers was given when starting cultivation.

October is over at 18 o’clock. And after this process, they gave information about what I should do and medications.

-Fito cream (only to the donor)
-Prednol 16 mg cortisone
-Cipro antibiotic

1st day and night 1
He had pain, but he wasn’t disturbing. Both the bandage and the planting area should be protected very carefully
The location position should be done only on your back and is done with roll towel support on the neck. For this reason, unfortunately
I had a very sleepless night . . .
In addition, because I had to sleep on the donor area, the pad and towel I laid on the pillow was too much bloody water (1) and
The donor area began to painful because it was injured.

The winding had to come out today, but the juicy blood continued to flow until the end of noon. My doctor is a serum discharge
And because it was normal, he asked me to remove the winding in the evening. The winding came out a little hard because it clung to the skin
and we used phyto cream (2)
In the meantime, my forehead and temples started to form (3) I looked like the avatara you know. And my night was very hard again.

edema began to go down my eyes. This time I became like an owl head with his eyes close to each other . . . (4) Towards the evening donor
Burns and itching in the area. Especially itching has forced the event very much . . . Tonight is on your back and again donor area
I had a sleep problem because I was on it. Also, I couldn’t resist the pain anymore and I used a majes.

Edema began to descend to my cheeks . . itching and burning in the donor area increased . . . I went to the clinic for the first washing. (5)
(Lotion is applied to the planting area, it is rinsed after 40 minutes and the baby shampoo is used. In any of these operations
There is no rubbing or directional movement for “sowing area”. with only baby touches)
But it is washed a little hard to crust the donor area as soon as possible, which hurts you.

Edema decreased. Burning and itching in the donor area continue exactly. The washing process belongs to you twice a day until the shell is shed.
In the meantime, wearing tshirts for hair washing – even taking off.
But it doesn’t come out immediately.
I slept comfortably. But I continued to use majesik because of pain and burning.

6. 7. 8. DAY
There is no edema, I do the washing carefully.

9th day
I came to wash the clinic for shell dump. He said it looks very good. (6)

14th day
It’s going well for now. Burning itching in the donor area continues. But not as much as it used to . . (7)


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