4 March 2022 / Şahin Çelik / 2825 Graft

Hello everyone,

Since I moved to the 20s, there was a opening in my temples slowly, and when I came to the age of 24, now I started to be certain under the hair, now I am 28 years old. It is noted that I have found the answer to my questions thanks to this forum that I found out that it is such a tedious business. Most people who saw the opening may think that it was early for October, or I should try my chances with medical treatments, but the psychology I have been in the last 2 years has made me making this decision in a period of 2 months. As a result of my research, I decided to plant Şahin Çelik, which I think was the closest and most reliable place to me. On March 4, October began around 11 am and ended in the evening like 4 and a half. I would like to talk about a few structural and post -developing complications that may have a negative impact on my planting. First of all, I was said to be a little thick, but I think it wasn’t a good thing for the sowing process during October. On the 3rd day of the cultivation, the washing would be done, but it dangled on Monday because it coincided with the market, and when I went, some roots saw yellow yellow acne or infection Sahin Bey and they made them dressing and dressing them. . Day Wednesday, we made the first washing. My head is formed in my head, usually for them before a drying treatment should be applied in the forum as I read as I read the excitement before the operation I always focused on good headlines I should be better investigated. I was told that there may be some losses in these inflamed places. Now I want to show a few photos from the process up to the shell, but before that, I would like to thank Şahin Bey, Ergin Bey and his team.

First Photo Before October
Second photo October Day
The last photo is the 5th day before the inflammation explosion (the yellow places on the bottoms are inflamed, I didn’t even notice)


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