AHD Clinic (Team) / 13 – 15 September 2023 /5000 graft / age 40

Dear Forum Friends and the Union of Fate Union I want to start the position by offering my love and respect to all of you, unfortunately we all met with the problem of hair loss, which is the scourge of all of us after the intense stress period at the age of 27 – 28, for a long time, my hair has been shed for a long time (about 13 for a long time (about 13year) I have been researching and found quite successful, but for both negative and positive reasons I can have the opportunity to have the opportunity to have my hair cultivation in AHD Clinic Antalya, this forum, which is very effective in examining and deciding the results and you, I would like to thank you to my valuable forums and forum founder friends. The clinic was quite intense, I made an appointment about 8 months in advance, Didem Hanım was interested in an appointment, I am a health worker but I had to postpone my appointment once because I couldn’t get permission from my workplace, but they also helped in this way. As I mentioned in the title of October, it was held on 13-15 September 2023. First of all, the number of foreign patients in this center, which is very humble, is quite high, and my working friends are extremely professional and warm people, I would like to thank them here. Hakan Bey’s attitude is quite professional and conclusion -oriented, a sincere and constructive person here I felt that he put this job into the third plan. In short, if I need to talk about planting;I live in Ankara, after receiving my flight ticket to the relevant date, I went to Antalya, Yasin Bey from the airport took me to the October center by taking me with a car, but I went to the October center with an incredible anxiety and tension, this anxiety was so multiplied so that I even thought of giving up butWith the support of both Hakan Doğanay Bey and all my friends working in the clinic, we started planting (with my wishes), as I mentioned before, the graft intake and cultivation Aygün Hanım made the first hair transplantation to Donör. There was no pain except for a few anesthesia needles, the planting took about 7 hours in both days and I drank water during the break and ate dinner. The team is quite warm and professional as I said before. Dr. Hakan Bey stated that I may need a second October for the Tepe region, but a conclusion that makes me happy will be reached. On the third day of planting, the first washing was made, the necessary moisturizer, shampoo, the solution prepared by Hakan Bey, the neck pillow and the hat were given to me, and I was left to the airport by explaining how to wash and other details. After coming to Ankara, I made a small journey to my hometown and came to my village, where I spent my first 10 days and annual leave and I made my crust. In short, if I need to mention the hotel, it is a very good hotel, breakfast, dinner and accommodation. There may be details that I have missed or forgotten, please do not hesitate to ask questions. Finally, I will add a photo to see progress once a month, God willing to regent everything that he wants and everything that passes through his heart. Please don’t forget to say salary, thank you for reading the location. Love and respect. Before planting

1 day after the first washing

1 week after the first washing

After the shell dump


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