Anatolia Hair Transplantation Center/4000 Graft/Age 26/4.10.2021

Hello, my age 26 I was so squeezed my hair until a year ago that my hands did not enter the front of the hands and I was forced back, I couldn’t stop the spill, I couldn’t stop it, many times PRP, mesotherapy, different shampoos, different shampoos, mitamins did not try it from the last mirror. I made and decided to plant, I went to the center where my other friends in Istanbul received a good result and I was convinced and I had cultivated 15 days ago, in this 15 -day period, these things happened to me, but now everything returned to normal and you will see the positive pictures, up to 12 months regular all my paintings regularI will share what I will experience,
1-On the second day of the foot, I threw my photo to the hair transplantation center and said that it was the beginning of necrosis immediately, I went to the apartopar, yes there was necrosis, but they said that we could pass in front of the beginning and early because we saw it early, I tried to relieve me with a little stretch, I made a team. They wanted me to start antibiotics and not washed for 3 4 days and only to apply ozone oil, so I did it,
2- 5. At the end of the day I noticed that the redness of the skin decreased to be seen with the eye, I started to relax, they wanted me to continue washing after the 5th day I washed until the 11th day and I went to the crust, I was scared about what to get out of the shell, but I was scared of the vocal. -6 Graftlik in a field of necrosis, but immediately gathered fendi they told me that there will be no problem, I looked at myself, yes, it looks very good now, then I was washing by making shock massage and I will be the most stressful shock.
3- What should I use as a single request reinforcement, I got the Mossin London 6-month set in vitamin pills in the values are not bad, and I have ozone structure in the same set, I do not use it every day I do not use anything else, what do you recommend on behalf of my main hair. Thank you in advance what your comments about it.


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