Ankara For -Art – Yasin Demir – 4500 Graft

First of all, thanks to the forum and admins (Indian Bitanesin). I wouldn’t have dare if you didn’t. I will try to share my whole process.

3 days ago, I made my cultivation in the For-Est Hair Clinic in Çukurambar, Ankara. I decided to divide the cultivation in two because it was more rare. For now, it has been planted more in the front, after 6 months to tighten the vertex and the front. I am very pleased with For-Ass. October was intimidated, there was no complication, they were also interested after planting. Today (3rd day) bandages came out and the hair was washed.

October took up to 8 hours. First, local anesthesia was performed. I didn’t expect it until it was hurt. Afterwards, Yasin Hodja opened the channels for about 2 hours. Sapphire uses. You can find channel photos below. Then he began to take the grafts manually. I liked it because I read that it gave better results than the Manual Punchun Mikromotor. It is worth mentioning that Yasin Hodja opens all of the channels, but they collect grafts and cultivate with a team of 3 people. Yasin Hodja took up to 60 %manually, the rest took the team with my micromotor. The team was very careful, I didn’t have a problem. As there is no problem in the donor area, you can find your photo below.

I use prednol for edema, stomach protective family, and antibiotics. We used Bepanthol and Sebamed Shampoo in washing. I will use ThioSine ointment for the donor area.

You can find photos below and after planting below. I am open to all kinds of questions about for-art or my own experience.

I am waiting for your comments for photos (especially donor zone and planting), drugs or procedure.


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