Ankara Forest Yasin Demir 4xxx Graft October Age 27

First of all, hello to all of you,

For 1 year, I have decided on hair transplantation, which has been in my mind, 1 how many places I talked to and the last Forest Ankara Hair Transplantation Center.

First we made a preliminary interview and then I got an appointment 08. 12. 2020 dated 10 morning in the morning I went to the place of October, chat conversation when the hair cut lines were identified ws. I didn’t believe it would be zero pain on the table, but as they said, it took up to 7-8 in the evening without feeling any painful pain.

20 days have passed now. I will specify the photos in detail. I don’t go into the details of the drugs, etc. The problems I have had problems in 20 days, almost everyone has problems, the first 3 days of the first washing and the 10th day of the shell of the shell of the challenge and itching, though itching still continues.

In the meantime, shocking phase was a little early, I was afraid of it as a result of my research as a result of my research I learned that the patients who had early sowing were earlier. After planting and after the stages of photos in the appendix you promise you.

I am waiting for your comments, thanks to everyone in advance.


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