Arenaamed 4900 graft 28 August

Yes friends after a 6 -month courage process to have a hair transplant to the Arenanden I made an appointment from the 500 pounds I invested the forum after hair transplantation I discovered my friend Arenamedde that reference was the reference of the serkan hoca’s number from him I took the pictures of the appointment of 28 August 28 Arenamed e gttim Estim. I referred it on the floor 4000 that day I paid 4500
My hair was just diluted both from the top and in front of the lines that had appeared lines, obviously, I did not see a donor problem in my friend who was a reference, even if I discovered the forum before, maybe I would have preferred because my friend was in front of my eyes. Anesthesia was applied to the purchase began more than my life would be a lie would be a bit of my pain may be a little higher the issue of the bodily issue ended 4900 graft said that more than 4900 grafts will create a rareness for the max graft signature for 6 7 months like the possibility of traveling like the signed serkan intellectuals. I saw 1 2 minutes before the channel opening the channels opened the sowing process was made of 10 hours of the evening 6 at the end of the first day of the first day and after the first day I will share your views, I wonder.


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