Asmed by Dilek Çakır 3500 graft hair transplantation

I wish everyone healthy hair. I have been following the forum from outside for a long time.
I am a person who feels lucky for reaching all kinds of information about hair transplantation and hair transplantation processes, so I would like to thank the admins for the management who set up the forum.

Before discovering the forum, I was a person who moves with the logic of having hair transplantation very simple and cheap. Then, by finding this forum without making mistakes, my perspective changed completely.

And asmed, I can’t even imagine the contrary to my experience right now.
I can say that I have a given charity.

I started to follow ASMED Hair Transplantation in the forum in particular
And I definitely decided that it was the right address for me
The price is also known as high figures, but if you want this quality, I went thinking that there should be a price and I wanted it to be the best.

And I contacted Asmed.

Then I learned that Dilek Çakır has the option of hair transplantation.
This was almost very suitable for me (price 3000 euros) hair transplantation operations Dilek Çakır’ın Micro Fue I learned the work I learned.
I have learned that he has been carrying out a special work on the micro motor for 1 year and that he would be completely manual quality.

Since I have reached ASMED’s quality at such an affordable price, I was both confused and very mutu.
I immediately made my decision, thinking it was a great opportunity.
I met Dilek Hanım, a high quality well -intentioned high -level successful and equipped, the interest in me was very hot, we planned what kind of hair transplantation would be.

He is already in the operation of every patient in hair transplantation in the overseas forums, especially for a foreign patients he wants to be in the operation of foreign patients and asmed’s partner will now only plant hair to his own patients.

After making my hair transplant plan with Dilek Hanım
We started hair transplantation with him and his team
With the highest level of comfort in comfortable hair transplantation
My operation has been completed and I think I have completed this process in very safe hands.

The operation was completely in the quality of Asmed

And my hair was taken with a micro motor, 10 days of manual asmed sowing is no difference
The donor area has recovered in 10 days as if no purchase was made.
And I use the micro motor in this way.
This also makes details of the donor area as much as
Knowing the number of hair in each cm2
I didn’t guess it would be so detailed

I have read every article sung for Asmed.

My hair transplant front line was exactly the way I wanted
I am very happy with the image after shell dump from the frequency of hair transplantation
Really as Dilek Çakır Indian said
A legend in my hair transplantation and introducing me to this legend
Thank you to this forum

I had a very comfortable hair transplantation process
I hope I can get the hair in my dreams of hair transplantation to Asmed in my hair.
I know myself that I will give the necessary support to friends who think of hair transplantation by constantly updating my process.

I add my first 10 -day hair transplantation process in order.

I’m waiting for your comments friends.


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