ASMED – Dr.Koray Erdogan, 4006 Graft, Age: 34, 12.05.2021

Happy holidays everyone. As a user who has been following the forum for a long time but prefers to watch only from afar, I would like to share my hair transplantation experience with you to repay my debt for the great contribution of this forum to my decision-making. I am 34 years old, and although there is no history of hair loss in my family, I have lost most of my hair since university. Almost the entire front and part of the crown area has thinned considerably during this time. When I realized that it was no longer possible to save it with medication, I decided to have a hair transplant, but as someone who researched for days even when buying a razor, of course it was not possible for me to choose a transplant center with my eyes closed. After examining every doctor and every transplant in the forum for a long time and researching on different platforms and foreign forums, I finally decided to have the transplant done by Koray Hodja. Without further ado, I would like to explain the process immediately. Before Operation

On Monday, May 10, I went to Asmed to meet with Koray Hoca and to have my pre-operative procedures done. Before you even enter the door, you are asked to go through a disinfection tunnel and change your mask, and then you are taken to the testing room for Covid-19 testing, routine blood tests and ECG. After your procedures here are completed, your patient coordinator, whom you were in contact with before the operation, comes to pick you up. My coordinator was Ms. Alina, after the test we went upstairs for a photo shoot. Here, a professional photo shoot was taken with wet and dry hair and we went back to the lobby. I was informed about the process by my coordinator, accompanied by a live piano concert in the lobby. By the way, the clinic is very modern and clean from top to bottom, all the employees are very respectful and very friendly. From the moment you enter, you feel the professionalism and work discipline in your bones. It was a moment for me when I said “I’m definitely in the right place” even before meeting Koray Hodja… After about 30 – 35 minutes, we went to Koray Hodja’s room for the meeting. In the evaluation made from the photographs, a 2-day operation with 5000 grafts was actually recommended, but Koray Hodja examined my hair and after I stated that I would continue with finasteride, he reduced the graft count to 4000 in one day. He sincerely answered all the questions I had. Your sense of trust increases even more when you feel how realistic he is while telling you and how he never tries to convince you. Of course, I was also happy that I didn’t have to use all of the budget I allocated. Then we paid and went back upstairs for a haircut. After the cut, both manual and robotic analyzes were performed and I was interviewed by the anesthesiologist. After discussing my medical history, test results, etc., I talked to Dr. about what to expect on the day of the operation, what I should/should not do, and how to use the medications they gave me. I was informed by Mr. Umut. Then we entered the room where we took photos again for the front line design. Mr. Koray and Ms. Dilek were examining my hair analyzes and photographs here. While making the line design, Koray Hoca said that since the sides would be very empty, he wanted to fill them in a little, and he made a very beautiful drawing that included the temples. Me and all the staff in the room liked this design very much. After the drawing was finished, we entered a room with a different photography system. Here, you do not have to change position while posing, you sit still and a system, in which I believe cameras are placed from different angles, goes down, takes your photos from all angles at once, and rises again. The design of this machine also belonged to Koray Hoca. Afterwards, a robot scan was performed for area measurement again. Then, there is an information form, hat, shampoo, ice gel, neck pillows, medicines, creams, etc. I was sent home with a package found to wait for my operation, which would take place 2 days later. (Normally, I would have the operation the next day, but since we had only one day and I wanted to get my work done in the meantime, I wanted to have the operation on the eve.)

Operation Day

I was at the clinic around 7 in the morning. I was taken to the area where the patient rooms were located to change my clothes. They allocated a room for me so that I could get ready and rest if needed. The room was like a sparkling hotel room. There were bagged uniforms of all sizes in the closet, and I was asked to wear one of them. Everything was taken care of, from my slippers to my bathrobe. Then, I was taken for a haircut again, my head was washed, and around 8 o’clock, Ms. Alina and I went to the floor where the operation would be performed. They welcomed us again with a live piano concert in the operating room corridor. One cannot believe that there is really such a place in Turkey. We entered the room where my operation would be performed, it is really modern and all the equipment is state-of-the-art. They explained in detail what was inside. The anesthesiologist and anesthesia technician were with me, and my vascular access was opened to be used throughout the operation. A device was installed to monitor my blood pressure and oxygen even when I went to the toilet. Then an anesthesia technician applied local anesthesia to my head. They use small insulin needles for local anesthesia. Before I started I was told I might feel pain, but I didn’t feel the slightest pain. After the anesthesia ended, two technicians, whom I learned had been working there for many years, started the process of removing the roots. On the other hand, another team extracted both double, triple, etc. roots. While counting out loud with a program, you can follow what is removed from the screen. Another technician was examining the quality of the extracted roots with a huge microscope and, if necessary, cutting and cleaning them. Meanwhile, I read the news and listened to music on the i-pad given to me. After a while, Koray Hodja and his assistant entered the room. He checked my grafts, looked at my condition, projected the removed roots on the screen, and showed them the images under the microscope one by one. He showed me my thinning hair, the cleaned strands to be transplanted to the front line and the sides, gave a lot of information about the operation and left, saying “see you on the channel”. The extraction process was completed around 11:00. We took a short break, and I was taken to rest in the room allocated to me to wait for my turn on the channel. Then we went to the operation room to be put under anesthesia again for the canal. I was in a sitting position during the extraction process, but we moved to a supine position for all subsequent procedures. Anesthesia was applied to the area where the canal would be opened. Hodja Koray came and the channel process started. We chatted a lot while the channels were opening. I thought I would be nervous, but we laughed and had fun with the whole team almost throughout the channel. After the canals, the planting process started. Since I was in a lying position and the team was transplanting quietly, I felt sleepy. They said there was no problem in sleeping, so I slept comfortably, waking up occasionally, until almost the end of October. Around 17:00, my coordinator woke me up to inform me that my operation was over. My neck was cleaned and I was taken back to the photo shoot for my final photos, then antibiotic ointment was applied to my donor area and bandaged. Then, we went to my room with the whole team for the final check. 10 minutes later, Koray Hodja came and examined my transplant. He said it was a great planting, thanked his team and left the room. When I looked in the mirror, I was really happy with the look, too. That evening, Ms. Alina explained to me again what I needed to do, sent me a message explaining how to use my medications and sent me home. After Operation

The night was very comfortable, except for the difficulty in my sleeping position. I applied ice for 15 minutes every hour and had no swelling. I didn’t take any painkillers because I didn’t have any pain. The next day I came to the clinic for my first wash. A foam was applied to my head and after waiting 15 minutes, I was taken to wash. They both showed and explained how to wash with a mirror. At the same time, they gave me a file and a USB with my operation information, instructions to follow after the operation, photos and a washing video. After the washing, I was taken to the robot analysis again and left the clinic 10 days later to meet again for the shell casting. Of course, it is not right to say anything without getting results, but from the moment I first contacted the clinic until I sent off, every moment I spent was flawless, I had an experience where I felt really special, and I felt Koray Hodja’s perfectionism to my core. I hope my result will be as I want and I will never have to think about hair again. If they are reading, I would like to thank the entire team here. I would also like to thank Hintell, whose process I benefited from to the fullest, for his sharing. I will share as much as I can until the end of the process. Wishing everyone to have the hair of their dreams…. Number of Grafts: 4006
Average: 2.13
I have been using Proscar 1/4 for 4 days.


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