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Friends, I offer love and respect to everyone. First of all, I want to start my article by explaining how I entered the hair transplant process in ASMED Koray Erdogan Hair Transplant Clinic, Istanbul, Turkey

I have been experiencing hair loss for about 7 years. I have been using toppik for the last 5 years. In the summer of 2017, I decided that I should have hair transplantation now, thinking that it will not be possible to use toppik after a while, as the hair in the front area has decreased. As most of us do, I started by researching where the best hair transplant center is on the internet. Of course, the first places I came across were highly advertised places, but the results were unsatisfactory. I sent my photos to a hair transplant center I came across on Instagram, and within a few days I returned that I was eligible for hair transplantation. However, since this hair transplant center does not have any shares on the vertex area on Instagram, I asked them to send in detail before and after photos of people similar to my hair loss. When I received an answer saying “We cannot share photos except what you see, we can share photos that people allow”, a question mark immediately appeared in my head. For this reason, I met your site while I wanted to do research by typing “hair transplant results” on google. Good thing I met.

I conducted intensive research for about 15-20 days and by examining not only this forum but also foreign forums, I saw the undeniable superiority of Koray Erdoğan in hair transplantation. I reached ASMED via their website, sent the photos, explained my expectations. Koray Erdogan suggested that I use finasteride because of the excessive hair loss. I have been using finasteride since August 2017. Before starting the drug, I researched the side effects etc. Of course, when I read these side effects too much, my groin pain started 5 minutes after taking the first drug 🙂 Unlike most people, I almost never saw the side effects described after. Even though I felt small, it may still be psychological, I did not fully understand. After using the drug for 6 months, I had the opportunity to meet face to face with Koray Erdogan in February 2018. During this period, I was in constant contact with Seda Hanım and Esen Hanım. Until the day of the meeting, I researched so many things about Koray Erdoğan and ASMED that I saw Koray Erdoğan in my dreams a few times 🙂

Our consultation meeting with Koray Erdogan in February was very good. He is a highly professional doctor who has high and positive energy and does not hesitate to tell the facts to his patient. He told me what kind of hair transplant he was thinking about, the possible result and my possible future hair loss. He then measured my hair thickness and the density of the donor area. He said that he estimated the average number of hair follicles per graft as 2.00 and my hair thickness was 60 microns. He drew my hairline. It made me happy when I drew it half a cm ahead of me.

From the moment you enter ASMED, you feel the positive energy with discipline and care. I have never seen a place where people working somewhere are so happy. This situation is reflected in the behavior of those at ASMED towards you. You don’t want to leave there.

I went to ASMED on March 19. First, they took blood for a blood test. They measured my heart rhythm and blood pressure. After this part was completed, my hair was cut. A clinic that takes great care of cleanliness. They even used the machine they cut my hair for the first time and gave it to me after the operation. After the hair was cut, Koray Erdoğan drew my hairline. Koray Erdogan and his team clearly love their work. They are so positive that I could not understand whether I came to the operation or visited my relatives. Now, I am looking at most of the photos they took before the hair transplant, laughing 🙂 Of course, the fact that I have researched Koray Erdogan and ASMED a lot has a share in this comfort. I went without any question marks in my mind.

The operation took place on 20-21 March. The anterior region was transplanted on the first day, and the middle and top regions were transplanted on the second day. An extremely meticulous work has been done. The operation process is calculated minute by minute. Operations started at the same minute on both days. Therefore, I also found myself in a multidisciplinary environment. You have to keep up with this situation. When I got a little too busy at lunch on the second day, they politely told me to eat my meal now 🙂 I am almost hyperactive. Even sitting on the sofa, I cannot stand in the same position for a long time. But these two days were very comfortable. Of course, the sedatives given also have an effect. Koray Hoca and his team explained what they did at every stage of the planting. I wanted to see almost all the equipment used for hair transplantation. I was particularly curious about KEEP, which truly revolutionized hair transplantation. They told it one by one.

Grafts were taken manually from the donor area. After the grafts were taken, Koray Erdoğan opened the channels. After the channels were opened, lunch was started. The grafts removed after the meal were placed in the canals. I slept during most of the grafting (afternoon) phase of every 2 days. Throughout the operation process, Dr. Umut Bey checked my situation. After the grafts are placed, Dr. Wish came and checked the grafts. Dr. If I don’t get it wrong, they do not place 30 grafts in the canal for the wish. Dr. Dilek placed these grafts where she deemed necessary and the operation was completed in this way in both days. After the operation was over, they kept my head in a laser machine, whose name I do not know, for about 15 minutes. Then Koray Erdoğan came and checked himself for the last time. He said that the operation was very successful and I was comfortable.

The average hair per graft was 1.99. A total of 5,034 grafts were transplanted. My hair thickness is 60 microns. My age is 29.

My first wash was done on March 22nd and I returned to Ankara. I spent 4 days in total at ASMED. Everyone is so caring and friendly that I was happy that the hair transplantation process was over, but when I left ASMED, I felt a sadness. You are officially used to the whole team. I would like to thank Professor Koray and the whole team for their care, interest and relevance. I hope a good result will come out.

We wish everyone to have the hair they want.


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