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Love and respect to everyone 19.01.2019 “I wish everyone to have the hair of their dreams” I think the articles about Koray Erdogan are even less.

When you go to the hair transplant center, you realize how careful Koray Erdoğan is in hair transplantation. The cleaning of the clinic and the attention of the employees are really excellent.

My front line was exactly the way I dreamed of it, so if a person is happy after the surgery, he / she is usually tired and depressed, on the contrary, I am incredibly happy now.

She overcame the purchase of hair grafts with Koray Erdoğan and Ms. Melis continued. I would like to mention that also; Apart from Ms. Melis, Asmed has a specially trained team for each hair type. The situation of these personnel also varies according to the hair density, micron and graft length.

Koray Erdogan is the word of the essence, I think he is the best hair transplant doctor in the world that a person can reach.

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