Asmed | Prof.Dilek Cakir | 24 August 2020 | 3438 Graft


My October was held on August 24th in ASMED. If I need to talk about the clinic, it is a center established to provide patient satisfaction. I would like to thank all Asmed employees through this forum. 23 August 2020:

After passing the choron and the necessary health tests. In a perfect functioning system, we have made the preliminary interview process stages. Since I was 23 years old and I did not want to use it in Finaster, Alp Bey did not make sense to plant in the hill area. I accepted this offer by relying on the professionalism of you and by seeing that two -stage planning is more logical thanks to this forum. Then, Alp Bey Dilek Hanım made the front line he drew as a draft. I liked the front lines of Asmedin and I liked my own front line. I would like a somewhat aggressive front line, but I sacrificed this luxury to use the donor area properly. After the process was finished, I was sent home. 24 August 2020:

On October 3438 graft took place. If I had to interpret the cultivation, it was comfortable in general. The point I want to draw attention to is that the asmed donor zone is really perfect in making purchases. Although I am on my 3rd day now, I have no symptoms like pain and burning itching. I am also sure there will be no problem with trace. I cannot remember the name of the nurses who purchase and plant, but thank you all one by one. 25 August 2020:

I chose to spend the day in the clinic in order not to take risks after October. The rooms were very comfortable, clean food. The first washing was given to me by the clinic and all the things I had to do was explained meticulously. Then I was sent home. I came to Ankara without any problems with my car. My next plan:

First of all, I will wait for my first planting to end. Koray said that my hair looks like one -on -one in my father’s hair loss pattern. I guess it will be the same that this will not progress any more and I hope. Therefore, a second hill and central cultivation are waiting for me in the future. The most important point here is to be able to use my donor capacity properly because I am aware that my age is quite young. Age: 23
Graft: 3438
Ratio: 1. 93 Hair/Graft

Thank you for reading. I am waiting for your valuable comments.


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