Assoc.Dr.Serdar Gökrem – January 24, 2020 – [2500 Graft]

Hello friends,

Assoc. Dr. Serdar Gökrem and his team (Zeynep and Gülşah Hanım) was held by my hair transplantation.

On Thursday, January 23, 2020, in my appointment in 14. 00 at 14. 00, Doctor Bey stated that the area to be planted was wide and deemed it appropriate to make planting in two stages. (Even though this does not happen to me, I accepted by saying that Doctor Bey knows something. )
In the first stage, the front side and as a result of the previous FUT operation will be sowing to be sowing, the second stage Vertex will be sowing as much as possible to be sowing (I think there was a 3 -stage planting in Doctor Bey’s head)

Serdar Bey ‘s assistant by Yildiz Hanım, October morning by consuming tomato soup and apple juice was expressed to come to October. It started in the morning of October (after 07. 30). During October, all purchase transactions were made by Doctor Bey. There was no pain or leakage of anesthetic drugs under my skin or graft. This is my second planting, my first planting was made with the Fut method for years, the second planting of the operations gave me neither pain nor pain. The only issue I had in trouble was the incredible pain I felt on my forehead because the object I had to be very harsh during the purchase was very harsh and this was not comfortable.

After completing the purchase process of Doctor Bey, one salty and one sweet, including two kinds of biscuits and juice was a meal break. Immediately afterwards, the grafts received by Gülşah and Zeynep Hanım, who said that they have done this job for 10 years, was switched to the sowing of the grafts that was one of the most comfortable moments. The fact that the sedation was influenced by my back on the back was also effective in this case;But I have to express this very clearly that my mind was very clear -during the October we were constantly chatting with the nurse ladies that we were also with the doctor Bey . . .

I had difficulty breathing like midnight on the first day of planting, my heart is heavy;But he was throwing it very hard, I almost felt his voice in my ears. I had to spend that night awake. The next day I called Doctor Bey, explained the situation, advised me not to use the drugs for 1 day, then the situation improved.

The first washing process was carried out by Gülşah Hanım in the early hours of the morning, Monday, January 27, 2020. The gel was applied to soften the shells, 15 minutes. It was waited and washed with shampoo and the donor area was applied antibiotic cream. Then all my questions were answered by the same nurse and said goodbye.

I did not have the opportunity to open the subject before, and when I started to spend time at home because of my pande, I felt the need to share the photos and the process at the first opportunity I found.

Drugs I use:

Proscar, 1/5 mg
Xpecia, 2 tablets per day


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