Asuman Hair /06.11.2020/ 4700 Graft / Age 27

Hi friends, I have been following this site for about 1. 5 years. I had my first planting in February 2019 and I was not satisfied at all. I started researching here for the second October and I found the lady of Asuman. I met on the phone and then face to face. I was afraid that I was afraid that I had troubles in the second October and in the first October. We set the date of October and October took place on November 6. Many friends who made planting shared in detail in the same way in my October, but I get a short summary. I went in the morning, first of all, Asuman Hanım determines the planning and the front line. It determines the eye decision, not with a ruler with a meter, but the preliminary lines are number ten. Later, shaving and anesthesia Dilara Hanım, Root Purchase Elif Hanım, Root Collection and Index Dilara Hanım, Channel opening Asuman Hanım, Ekim Elif and Dilara Hanım. Towards the end of the October process, Asuman Hanım is coming to the last lines himself. The planting process ended without any problems. I would like to thank Mrs. Asuman, Humeyra and Elif and Dilara ladies who are almost all of my cultivation. I can compare it with the other clinic because I first sow. According to the first clinic, they worked hard and worked. In the first October, my head was not comfortable at all, I was constantly on the thorns, but here I was really comfortable and I made you feel comfortable, thank you all again. I hope the hair planted will make you happy. I will try to share until my process is over.


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