Asuman Hair/28.09.2023/5.000 Graft/Age 26

First of all, I wish everyone a good day and I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this page.
I have hair loss that has been ongoing for about 5-6 years, I usually opened on the top section, this situation started to disturb me very much because I was a young age and I started to think about hair transplantation for the last year I started to investigate this topic after 3-4 months ago I encountered some of my brothers from my brothers. And I started to evaluate the places that make hair transplantation by taking ideas from Indian and I interviewed a few clinics.
I made my appointment on September 28 before you were asked to test blood, and the folic acid im is low, and the DHT was told that I should start after planting because the high output process remained. On September 28, my hair transplant operation took place in Pendik Hospital.
First of all, Asuman said that we would come back to the back without touching the front hair drawing and add what we have left to Verteks, but I wanted the intensity to be given to that area a little more and I wanted the front, middle, verteks to be homogeneous.
In this October, I wanted to be taken from the beard because they would be taken from the beard more, but they said that if I lived in the front regions in the future, I wanted to get the capacity to give the neck to my beard and they would stay.
Asuman Hanım made anesthesia procedures after drawing the area to be planted and the area to be purchased.
Then Elif Hanım passed the root purchase process Aleyna Hanım gathered behind her.
Add the 8th and 9th days of the 2nd day of planting and leave the comment to you.
Asuman Hanım also made the channel opening
Elif and Aleyna Hanım made the graft placement procedures in Melike Hanım for help after 1 hour and then came in Asuman after 1-1. 30 hours after the graft placement process after 9. 30-10 hours of hair transplantation operation ended at 20. 00 in the evening


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