Asuman Hair – 31.03.2021 Hair Transplantation

Hi, as a result of my research like everyone else, I first called Serkan Aygın and called for an appointment and I gave up when we learned that we could not choose the teacher to do the operation. When you go to any hospital, you can learn to choose your doctor, while you can learn by who to do some kind of surgery 1 day before or on the day of operation.

For this reason, I continued my search and I preferred Asuman Hair because I saw the results were good.

It is really important that Mrs. Asuman stands at the beginning of the work, to make the channel opening its own, and to take part in the opening of the hair. I was satisfied in this respect.

I didn’t expect the process to last 12 hours, I can say that I had a hard time. Anesthesia had to be renewed several times. I can also say that there is no comfort because sedation is not applied here. Friends who want to have hair transplantation really need to do it if they really need it. Otherwise, I think it is not an ordeal. This is my humble suggestion.

I was a little delayed to upload to the forum, but I want to share the processes that have so far. Then I share the update situation from time to time.

These are my situation before October.


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