Asuman hair / 3900 graft / age 26 / 21.03.2023

Greetings to everyone. I have been a follower of the forum for a long time and I was thinking of planting hair for a long time. Frankly, I did not meet with any other center and the forum was completely effective in making a decision in Asuman Hair, I did not do much research outside the forum. Our first meeting with Mrs. Asuman was from WhatsApp on 25 September 2022 and I showed my hair condition with photos and I said that my hair loss continued, it would not be right to plant in this case, it would not be more correct to use the supplements and it would be more accurate to enter the planting. I started using it. (These were Xpecia, Proscar, Prozinc Lotion and Shampoo. )
I used the drugs for a while and when I realized that my shedding was decreasing, and frankly I wanted to have a cultivation. We made an appointment for the closest date on March 21st. Let’s come to October day;
On the morning of March 21, we had breakfast and went to the century hospital where Asuman Hanım carried out operations from Gebze with 2 of my friends. We were there at 8:30 and there was another person waiting for the operation when we went in, we had a little chat with him, if he saw the location, greetings from here, waiting for a while in the waiting area after waiting for a while we went into a separate room with Özlem Hanım and a few information to be signed with a few informationI signed. Later, Asuman Hanım came and identified my front line and asked me how it was, I liked it, and it was exactly what I wanted. 3500-3800 Graft said it would be enough and I went to the October area. I think it was around 9:30, Enes Bey and Melike Hanım started the root purchase process after making the anesthesia needles. 3700 grafts were collected and Enes said that my grafts were good and my multiple grafts were too much. After the root purchase was finished, it was 12:30 or something and lunch was started. After eating, I went back to the operation area and Asuman Hanım came and opened the channels where the roots were taken. In the meantime, the grafts gathered to me as if I had come to me, and I worried if I was going to provide enough concealment, so I told Asuman lady, he said that the channels he opened was opened without any gaps and the collected grafts could be done again, he said that this could be done again and relieved my concerns. At the time, Mrs. Asuman is really loving, warm and cares about the thoughts of her patient. After finishing the channel opening of Asuman Hanım, sowing process was started. Enes Bey, Ozan Bey, Melike Hanım and Elif Hanım were all included in the planting process. Asuman took part in a part of the cultivation in Hanım and sowed the front line and the single grafts on the front. The grafts received during the sowing process was not enough and a small area was left, so 200 grafts were collected, I felt a little bit painful because the anesthesia effect was slowly passed, but it did not last long because 200 grafts were collected. At the end of the hour, it was completed around 21:30. Asuman Hanım took a picture of the October area at the end of the operation and said that it was a frequent planting again. I would like to thank the entire Asuman Hair team here, they are all really good, interested and caring. Finally, the reinforcements and drugs I use now;

Coraspin 1 day (30 days from October)
Phyto cream (will be applied to the donor area in the morning and evening for 15 days)
Konazol Shampoo (1 Wash will be held on 3 days)
Redoxon 3 -effect (1 times a day)
Must De Qen Vitamin (2 times a day in the morning evening)
Xpecia tablet 2 (I am thinking of using for a long time in the morning and evening)
Proscar 4/1 (I’m thinking of using it for a long time, I haven’t seen any side effects)

The day after planting;
I woke up in the morning and removed the winding in the donor area and applied phyto cream. I went to the center at 12:00 and the first washing process was performed here. I add photos before planting, the day of planting and the day of planting.


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