Asuman Hair 4500 Graft 20.04.2020

Greetings of sentences. I came to pay my loyalty debt to the forum I have followed for 3 years. As a result of long researches, I decided to suddenly and my first meeting was erased the question marks in my head on April 20, 2022 I performed my hair.
My first meeting was recommended for 1 month Xpecia and Proscar 1/4 and Alpha Lipoich acid vitamin supplements. I used it for 2 months and finally I made an appointment for October.
On the morning of October, Asuman Hanım determined the hairstyle and the number of donors to be taken. Then Elif Hanım and Ozan Bey started anesthesia for the purchase of donor. Anesthesia process is not much problem for those with high pain threshold. Donor purchase lasted from 9 o’clock to 12. 30. Then Mrs. Asuman made the channel opening up to 14. 00 and sowing with Enes Bey for 1 1. 30 hours. Then Ozan Bey and Elif Hanım made the transformation process. Mrs. Asuman made her last touches and ended on October at 20. 00. Total was a 11 -hour process. The lunch break and an interruption of 15-20 minutes in the evening were carried out uninterruptedly. Below are the first day and the 2nd day after washing. Thanks in advance to the friends who made their contribution to the site. I will try to share my process. I want to take advantage of your experience and transfer to friends who think of October.


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