Asuman Hair / 4600Graft / 19.10 2022 / Age: 35

Hello friends.
I’ve been following this form since 2017. For 5 years, I postponed my hair transplantation on 19. 10. 2022 with the excuse of continuous work intensity.

First of all, I have to say something about the forum. It is an excellent page that allows us to deal with the right information thanks to the shares made by the hair. For this reason, I would like to thank everyone who contributed and shared, especially for the forum owner.

In line with the information I got from the page, I determined a few places that make the job really good and then decided to plant it in the Asuman Hair Transplantation Center which is suitable for me. Since I lived in Bursa province, I made an appointment for 19 muscles after sending a photo through Whatsaap. The day before planting the center made all the redirects at 07. 30 in the morning I went to the center at 09. 00 I went to the center before the front line was determined by the Hanim Asuman Hanım began to intake graf after the haircut, after the end of the process was the process of opening the process: 13. 30 ended. After the dinner break, the planting process and the whole process ended at 20. 30.

I stayed at the Classes Boutigue Hotel, which is close to the hospital after October. The hotel was clean and beautiful, I slept at 24. 00 in the morning I slept without a hole until 09. 00 in the morning. Thanks to the information I read and learned from here, I was hanging comfortably as if I was going to October 10. After the first washing was done the next day, we returned to Bursa with my brother who came to the hospital. There is no need in the October stage, but if you can’t go to your house by taxi the next day, I think you have to have someone with you. In addition, after planting you will see people who look curiously due to hair transplantation, you just say hello to them will make you smile, do not muscle too much.

Mrs. Asuman made the process of opening the channel alone with the team. Elif Hanım Enes and Ozan Bey who do the purchase of graft and planting process are very meticulous and very patient. In addition, Melike Hanım and Asuman Hanım’s assistant Özlem Hanım in the same way very smooth, smiling people. Thank you very much to all of them.

Drugs given by the center after planting
– chipto antibiotic
– dolex
– prednol
– Coraspirin
– Phyto Cream

What I have received (the center’s suggestion)
– Batiqon Spray
– Redoxon C, D, Zinc
– bepanthol moisturizer
– Alpha lipyic acid
– Xpecia
– Proscar
– Prozinc Plus screed and lotion

Photos Before Sowing


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