Asuman Hair Transplant / 4400 Graft / Age 25 / 24.06.2022

Sourcing Process and October Center Selection;First of all, hello to everyone. Congratulations on your Eid al -Adha. I would like to thank the forum owner / manager @Indian for bringing us together on such a platform. Since my 15-16 years of age, there are shedding in my hair and opening on the hill area and temples. When I reached the twenties, this situation has now caused a serious loss of self -confidence. I haven’t used any reinforcement medication, vitamins, etc. about hair all this time. Now I decided to make hair transplantation during my age 25 and during my military service. I have been following the forum for about 2 years. I followed numerous topics. Towards the end of May, thanks to this forum, I had a preliminary meeting with Asuman Hair, whom I decided. Thanks to it, he was quite interested and he sincerely answered all my questions. I made my decision for Asuman Hair. I am light -skinned and most of my hair is thin. He wasn’t in favor of my operation. Xpecia asked me to use the Proscar 1/4, Prozinc Plus Shampoo and Prozinc Plus for a month and strengthen my hair during this time. So I listened to him and followed his advice. On the 24th of June, I made my appointment.

I used Xpecia and Finasteride regularly for a month before the operation was entered. During this time, I also had my blood tests that the clinic wanted. All of my values such as TSH, Iron, B12, Vitamin D wanted to see the clinic were all in the normal reference range. I can say that the process is not postponed.

October Day;On 24/06/2022, I was asked to be present at 08:30 at the Private Century Hospital. No matter how much I made my decision, I had a lot of hesitation on me. Thanks to Ms. Asuman made me defeated with her speech. As I came before the other patient, Mrs. Asuman examined my hair and said she was stronger. I left the front line design to him and designed a very aesthetic line. After the payment process and filling the necessary documents, the hair shave was made by Ozan Bey and then the vein was opened. The excitement here began to increase even more. After lying on the face, Enes Bey did the anesthesia procedures. It wasn’t a pain that could not endure, but my dear burned a lot. Thank goodness, this process started the root purchase process after surviving this process started around 09:00 and lasted until 13:45. Asuman Hanım was involved in this process at intervals. In general, Enes Bey and Ozan Bey were in this process. 15 minutes of meal was given. Food was a hospital dinner and it was quite cold. At 14:00, the anesthesia was applied to the front area this time. Following this process, Mrs. Asuman personally carried out the channel opening process for 1 hour. After the channel opening process, Enes Bey and Ozan Bey were involved in the process and started to plant one by one. Asuman Hanım was included in certain intervals and took over the process. The other patient’s procedure ended around 18:30. When I thought that my own process would end, I actually had a little shock when I found out that 60 percent was over. The fact that my grafts were small and my hair color is very open kept the process long. With the end of the other patient’s procedure, Elif Hanım was included in the process. Mrs. Asuman has been with me in October since 19:00. When the grafts were insufficient for a while, Asuman Hanım made a root process from my donor zone again. I started to pray for the end of this time period, where I was quite hesitant. October ends at 21:45. It was a very long and tiring planting. As a result of a cultivation that lasted about 13 hours, I left the hospital by taking my safe drugs and thanking everyone for their efforts. Even if I lived in Istanbul, I wanted to stay near the hospital. I spent the night at the Classes Boutique Hotel and went to the hospital for the first washing and bandage the next day. Enes Bey welcomed and did my washing process. He emphasized that the October region and the donor region are quite healthy. He was in contact with Mrs. Asuman and threw my photographs to him. After the application of Batikon and Cream, I left the hospital and took my way to my house.

Drugs given by the clinic;

Chipro antibiotic |Morning – Evening – 1
Dolex painkiller |Daily – 1
Prednol L |Morning – Evening – 1
Coraspin |(30 days) – 1 per day
Phyto Cream |(15 days) Donor will be applied to the zone (morning – evening)

The drugs I supplied myself;
Batikon Spray |The first 5 days to the morning and evening October zone
Bepanthol lotion |After the 7th day of planting, the area was deported.
Redoxon 3 -Piece Effect |1 per day

I am very pleased with the process in general. I’ve had a long time to open a topic. At the point I came, I wanted to share my process with you. The first 5 photos I took are my photos before October. I will continue to share photos related to the process under the subject. I’m waiting for your comments. Thanks.


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