Asuman hairtransplant 12/09/2020 4700 graft 23 years old

First of all, my sentence
I would like to thank everyone who set up this forum page and follow up.
Let me talk about myself;I am 23 years old from the age of 17, my genetic hair loss continued continuously. Some stress on it, etc. This situation increased even more. I used blue water for a period and my hair strengthened the roots just started to come out, but when I quit, it became worse. As a result, I was saying that I do not have hair cultivation, but I started researching for cultivation. 🙂
Then I met with many places thanks to this forum, I have seen quite examples. I think the biggest reason for hair transplantation is the center that makes planting. No matter how strong your existing hair is. No matter how good the grafts received are the expert who makes the process is not good, you cannot get good results. Thanks to this forum, I saw it very well and learned it.
As a result of my research, thanks to this forum and in line with the advice of my friend in my workplace, I contacted Asuman sister and met. Thanks to him, he helped a lot and made me hopefully with his sincere conversation before the operation. 🙂 He said my hair was very lifeless and worn out. Therefore, 2-3 months before planting in the morning and evening, the cerosine vitamin tablet and 2 days every 2 days to use proscar, he said. I did what they said and decided on October 12/09/2020.

I went to Istanbul 3 days before October. We had a face -to -face meeting with him on 11/09/2020 in Emsey Hospital. And he said my hair was worse than the photos. Of course, this situation upset me a little, but I was relieved to say it would be better. 🙂

I went to Emey Hospitale at 07:30 in the morning on Saturday, 12/09/2020 and welcomed me. First of all, he asked how I wanted it to be, sister, you know the better, I left everything to it by saying that it will be beautiful. 🙂 front line etc. After drawing, we went to the room where the operation would be. There were 3 friends waiting for me. So let me say this. Halali is pleasant until the end of the fee on hair transplantation. They work in a place like Istanbul early in the morning and work until late in the evening.

They first cut my hair and started the operation at 08:00. 10-15 minutes anesthesia process is a bit painful, then then does not have any pain. Even if we say, they pass immediately. They collected the grafts until 12:00, during this time you lie down. Asuman was found in a large part of the gathering of grafts. After the graft collection work is finished, it becomes a canal and a channel. Asuman sister personally made the channel opening process. At 14:00, this process is over. It was a meal break of 20-30 minutes. Grafts taken at 14:30 start the placement process on the opening channels. In this process, Asuman sister and other friends made. This process has ended 20:30. The most difficult part is to wait for me. 🙂 We started at 08:00, I almost passed from the hospital, I almost passed 21:00.

They said I shouldn’t have traveling immediately after October. We made the first washing after 1 day. They said there was no problem during washing. On 14/09/2020, we started a journey with my own car with a distance of 750km. Of course, I did not use the vehicle.

Coraspirin in the drugs I need to use 1 day, to apply the root to the cream, sawpoo shampoo in the morning evening washing, Xpecia vitamin tablet morning evening, alopexy spray 20 days after the morning evening, antibiotic and a few more drugs that do not come to my mind now 🙂

I thank them for everything. I wanted to share my process a little late. I am very pleased right now, how do I expect your comments for you.

Currently, every 2-3 days will be a half in a day, 1 day cerosine vitamin tablet morning evening, 1 day xpecia vitamin tablet, omega 3 fish oil 1 one per day, biotin 5mg per day, 1 day alopexy spray morning, 1 day minoxidil sprayIn the morning and evening and sometimes twice a day, sometimes once a day, I wash my hair with Sawpoo shampoo.

I do not lift heavy, but every day I regularly run 10km straight run. I’m taking care of me not to eat.

I’m waiting for your comments. Thanks good day sentence.


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