Batman Büşra Can Hair Transplantation Center 5000 Graft / 03.11.2023 / Age 28

-Victoria ad illos qui credunt (Victory is only believers)

Helloaaa forum people . . . At the end of a long process and research, I decided to plant at Büşra Can Hair Transplantation Center in Batman. Under this subject, I will try to share you before the process, the day of October and the aftermath. As a nation, we will try to transfer the details in a very short way because we do not like to read long articles. However, I would like to thank everyone, especially @hintell who contributed to the establishment of this forum, because I would not have reached Büşra Hanım if it wasn’t for the forum, nor could I know what I knew now . . . Before October I met almost all the October centers mentioned in the forum. Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir . . . However, as I saw the successful and beautiful results of my teacher Büşra in the forum, I started to examine its subjects even more. Finally, I contacted my final decision. I will share the photos below, you will understand when you see that my hair is thin and the explanation was not an easy candidate for planting for reasons such as the excess of the opening. However, with the guidance of Büşra Hanım, we made the rotating area a little more ready with PRP + mesotherapies before planting. Thanks to Cansu Hanım, who was constantly in contact before the process, I completed all the necessary preparations and came to Batman from Elazığ. On the morning of November 3, we came to the center by 9 pm. By opening a parenthesis here, I must say that it is a center that puts commercial concerns into the second place, and this is an extremely important criterion for me. When we said photography, haircut and anesthesia, we officially started processing. Mrs. Emine first applied anesthesia to the donor area before planting. Then Ms. Büşra started to buy graft. After the gathering process was finished, he determined the hairstyle and started to open the channel with a sapphire tip. Since he was extremely meticulous and careful, we worked on the line. Perhaps the most important thing that brings me to this center is as many people in the forum know: Büşra Hanım’s unique channel opening and planting method. Unlike all other centers, extremely regular and frequently opened channels offer a very nice aesthetic image. If you look at the other October results of Büşra Hodja in the forum, you will understand better what I mean. After the channel opening, we took a dinner break and then Bünyamin Bey and Emine Hanım placed the roots that had been collected in the channels. This part was the longest and tiring part. The process we started around 10 am in the morning was completed with the production of dressing and blood thinners. Neither anesthesia, neither channel opening nor a pain or pain in the process of sowing, but long -term stretching has done some back pain towards the end, but just as soon as he stands up. Büşra Hanım and Emine Hanım and Bünyamin Bey were very friendly and very, very much supported throughout the process. I didn’t even understand how the day is over. Extremely relevant and careful people both during and after October and after October. They stayed in constant communication. Today, we went to the center and made our first washing. Now I’m going to share some photos below. Your comments and thoughts are very important to me. For myself, I was very pleased with the work of Büşra and his team. I recommend it to everyone, a place where you can go with peace of mind. I am very fascinated by the very obvious, self -sacrifice and attention of my teacher Büşra. When I went there, I understood the reason for the successful results. If anyone thinks not only in Batman but also in Muğla, I would recommend them to contact. I hope everyone gets mixed with the hair they want . . . Please do not spare your comments


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