Batman World Hospital Ömer Uğur 4900 graft

Hello. Today I have planted hair in order to be useful to our friends to share this issue and I will share photos at regular intervals.
I paid the price 22,500, but the month next month (February) will be said to be 27 thousand pounds.

The process is as follows;
At 11 o’clock, my blood was taken after the anesthesia was made by the area to be made by a female expert. The machine with the machine and the tweezers with a tweezers at 16. 30 at this process, this process is a weight li employee and occasionally came to the support of the female employee.

At 17 o’clock anesthesia to be built in the planting area was made and fogged, sheet cizgi was identified and the expert person opened the channels to be planted. It was ready for planting at 6 o’clock.

3 employees carried out a total of 3,900 graft cultivation with a total study that lasted a total of 3 -hour hours.
For now, you can ask those who come to my mind if you are wondering.

All operations took a total of 10 hours.

In the photos below, respectively;My head after October, the grafts taken, and my hair before planting was added 1 day before.


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