Be aesthetic clinic – Bilgehan Aydın – 4185 graft hair transplantation – 17.03.2020

Hello friends,

As of 17 March 2020, my hair transplantation was held. Ahmet Bey and his team made the cultivation.

I tried a lot of ways to stop hair loss if I talk about a little hair transplantation. My advice to you, if you have genetic hair loss, do not spend money on cosmetic products in vain. There are 2 things that are proven to be effective in genetic hair loss and I have observed. Either DHT blocker drugs such as finasteride or minoxyl drugs such as Minoxil Forte. I used Minoxil Forte because I was a little afraid of DHT blocker drugs and I protected my hair for 3 years. After 3 years, the event called a minoxil cycle took place and my hair began to spill again. My goal was to earn a little more time and bread when I was 30 years old. He gave the time I needed in Minoxil.

As for hair transplantation, especially on the back and sides there was opening. I just thought that the back, sides and a little front line would be sowing. But Ahmet Bey suggested that my spill still does not stop and that the existing hair would also be poured. When I researched a little, it made sense to me. 4185 graft was taken from the donor area and sowing. Unfortunately, Verteks did not come out of a hair follicle to close the region. I can now close the back with a planting again in the following years. For this, my beards can probably be used. I don’t think you have enough hair left for a 2nd sowing on the back. If there are friends who take root from the beard and have hair transplantation, I am waiting for their advice.

If I talk about the operation, I didn’t feel too much pain. You just feel the needles made to numb. It is not something to enlarge a very small pain.

I am waiting for your comments and advice.


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