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Hello friends
On August 29-30, I had 4000 grafts of hair transplantation + 800 grafts of beard transplantation by Hakan DOĞANAY’s team.

Doctor Hakan Bey examined my grafts and stated that they were very good and thick, and I hope the coverage would be more. Normally, it was said that max 2500-3000 grafts maybe 3500 will be removed, but Doctor Hakan Bey preferred to feed it with 4000 graft hair and 800 graft beard that would not be enough.

The hair was transplanted until the vertex entrance, and after 1 year after the donor’s recovery, we can transplant hair if you want. According to him, if I am uncomfortable, I can transplant the vertex 1 year later, but I do not think about entering this situation again, I think I will manage with spray topik.

As seen in the picture where the hair is hit to zero, my hair is rounded, if it is M-shaped, it is adapted to the existing line as it will affect the appearance aesthetics because the hair will remain in front of the line, but it is curved due to edema and some graft traces removed after the line correction is performed, it is smoother in the last photo. He said there is a very slight acidmetry, you cannot notice when the hair grows.

This is really a more laborious process than I guess edema still continues. There is no pain, but there is edema.
I do not intend to make short, short posts. I plan to post once a month after sharing the shell dump.

See you again. Thank you.

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