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Hi friends. I am 28 years old, I have not had a beard since I was born, only sporadic on the chin. I examined many doctors and could not find a solution. The last endocrine doctor he went to suggested a beard transplant. I decided to research beard transplantation. I talked to four places. Others did not give confidence. Lastly, I met with the assistant of Hakan Doğanay. He gave me the necessary information. But I also wanted to meet with the doctor. After meeting Doctor Hakan, I said I was in the right place. I showed the tests I had done before. He said there was no solution other than beard transplantation. He did not find it right to do the whole beard transplant in one session. He said that now we will plant a beard on the upper part, then if you want, a beard can be transplanted to the lower part of the chin. After all, I made my decision and we agreed with the secretary about the date. Finally, my beard transplant took place. I can say that even the first image brought my self-confidence. Let’s see, I guess there will be an exciting wait from now on. I share the beard transplant results:

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