Berkay Tulpar 5500 graft hair transplantation

Hello everyone,

Like a lot of people here, I decided to make research on the forum. I hope that it would help for friends who are thinking of having October, I wanted to share my consequences and developments. I would like to thank IndoEL and friends who shared their valuable experiences in the forum. My age was 39, my operation took place on Monday, 23. 01. 2023, I had a good operation process. I completed the 1st day today, dressing in the clinic donor area, then PRP and hair laser was performed. Since my opening was high, the second operation was proposed for Verteks, and everywhere I met, he said it, so we decided to plant a planting except Verteks. This was actually a very stuck topic in my head, and I wonder if a little sowing in the Verteks region?At that time, they said the front could remain sparse. I would appreciate it if friends with his experiences make a comment on this. I share my photos before and after, I will share the developments in the process. I am waiting for your valuable comments. In general, I can say that the clinic is very important in terms of service quality. During the process, I found the answer to every question that caught in my mind, and I am still able to get instant answers when there is something I wonder about any more issue. It was very satisfactory, whether it was clinical conditions and the approach of employees. The process continues now, I will share the developments with you. When we are wondering, I will try to answer as much as I can. Thanks friends,


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