Diyarbakır Hair Center 4600 Graft

Hello, I am Ömer 28 years old, I am a health personnel and I carried out a hair transplant operation in Diyarbakır Hair Center with reference. The operation took about 10 hours 4600 grafts were planted. Omer Bey and Ugur Bey made the purchase. Later, Ömer Bey determined the front line drawing in coordination and then Ömer Bey opened the channels. Lastly, Ömer Bey Nurhayat and Mizgin Hanım was realized. They said that they had over 4600 grafts and 650 of them were single. 550 single grafts were planted in the front area and zigzags, Ömer Bey said that my hair would be very natural. I had the operation of the operation occasionally serum reinforcement was made twice. I want you to share and evaluate my process with you. I will continue to share at regular intervals. I also add the pictures of the October center. I will use proscar and biotin solgar as a reinforcement


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