Dr.Alican Koçhan 25/26.08.2023 4730 Graft

Hello. I heard this site from a friend and I wanted to share all of my process immediately after hair transplantation about hair transplantation for 2-3 years. . Enemin is weak and some hair transplantators did not satisfy me. I want to write all the details of this meeting. I want to write all the details of this meeting. We will do the cultivation with a protected apparatus (I don’t know what it is) will allow the emergence of a very large part of these grafts and cultivation for 2 days said. I don’t know as right, but according to his phrase, he followed the technology closely. 4730 graft planted Alican Hodja klıniginde. ilk Day 2430 Graft 460 of them are the single multitu. Then isotonic and fisfis with the fishes every 2 hours I said I still do it. As a supportamine support, you will use the proscar 4 and xpecia 1 *1 and you need to use the proscar 1 year. One of them will be held in the 6th month. I will share with you later.

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