Dr.bek Beck // 3030 root // Ankara

Hello friends. I am 38 years old. I have been doing research on my hair for 2 years. Because my hill is open. During this time, I did the head of the head of the Indian teacher. Finally I took care of the October operation. I went on the advice. Mr. Bekir is really perfect. While working in HLC, they were one of the best doctors in the ratio at that time there were euros per graft at that time here has a fixed temporary price of 80 thousand TL in their clinic. I didn’t want to miss this. He uses HLC technique and does the whole operation itself. His interest and approach was very good. The process was great for me. The assistants were also very good. 20-21 December 2-day operation is over. Because my hair is fine. In the first place, we made 2 planning, my first planting area is the second October Vertex. We planned according to the shape that will be after 6 or 7 months. Until that time, I will thicken my hair with supplements.
2840 root took. Total. 3030 roots were taken. In the roots taken with the single;Hodja said that there is fine in double, triple and four. He made a frequent sowing forward. Since my beard is thick wire, it will take less and see less and an assessment in the second October. We also applied both PRP and mesotherapy at the time of planting. We will apply it twice a month for 6 months. In a short time in my donor region, he said that he will recover. I hope everyone gets the image he wants.

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