Dr.Bekir Bek 2781 Graft 5-6 December 2023

Hello everyone. I have been following the forum and people’s hair cultivation journey for a while. In this process, I had concerns like everyone. After the operation, there is no natural look as I want or the donor zone is beaten too . . In this forum, the newly opened Ankara Dr. Bekir Bek’la frankly attracted my attention. In its results, I decided to contact him with a homogeneous appearance as if the donor region had almost no purchase, and I got the answers to all the questions I was wondering.

If we came to the operation, it was an operation that lasted for 2 days, 5 and 6 December. First of all, the hair line design continued patiently until you say okay, then it was for 2 days and 2 days a day in the form of shaving preparation and grafts. In December, the bandages in my head were removed and Dr Bekir told me about what I should do and avoid for the first 10 days.
A newly opened clinical opened in Ankara, but very rarely, they do a professional operation. You will need to graft you will need to you. In addition, both graft recruitment stage of the nurse doctor Bekir and the amount of single binary and multiple grafts here. I liked it

I am publishing my post -operation photos below. Please report your comments

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