Dr.Bekir Bek 2800 Graft Ankara

Hello, I want to share my hair transplantation process with Ankara Dr. Bekir. And in doing so, it uses a microscope and the method it uses is a very good method. This was an important situation for me. Pictures give an idea to the quality of the work done. A hair transplantation made by the doctor at this price is really an opportunity. I don’t know how much more it will be at these prices.

If you need to mention briefly about the operation, even hairstyle planning lasted 45 minutes. All your requests are taken into consideration within the framework of logic. Bekir I fainted for me the hair line and frequency of my hair. My hair was white in the front area, but I am more glad when the black weight was after October.

I share photos (photos taken in the clinic) please share your thoughts friends

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